Tera & Co: Helping Uncle Micah

Isabella is at that age where she likes to try and be helpful.  It’s one thing that can work to your advantage.

For example: Isabella trips and falls…major crying fest about to ensue.  Quick! Divert attention and ask her to bring you that [insert item a few feet away].  Done and done.  Caution: does not work if child is too far in meltdown mode.

Let’s help Uncle Micah play his football video game

An NCAA master-player in the making?

Let’s help put aloe vera on Uncle Micah’s sunburned skin


A massage therapist in the making?

Let’s help Uncle Micah stack his beer kits


Yes, I know I’ve already used this pic in a previous post.  So shush.

Let’s help Micah play with his iPad

She loved the iPad – and caught on pretty darn quick on how to use it

Let’s help Uncle Micah pick up yard waste

Sorry no pic for this – but Isabella did help pick up pinecones from our yard and put them in the yard waste bin (she tired of this in about…10 pinecones). 

1 Response to “Tera & Co: Helping Uncle Micah”

  1. 1 Mom August 11, 2011 at 4:34 pm

    Little ones keep you hopping and thinking of new and interesting things to do with them. The simplest things keep them busy for quite awhile….

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