Update: My 31 day meatless month – week 1

Thought I’d provide a little update on my 31 day challenge.  It’s been one week of a meat-free living.  Honestly, it really hasn’t been difficult at all – for a couple of reasons.  One, I’m really being more of a pescatarian (so Micah’s salt and pepper prawns last night for dinner were wolfed down).  And two, I realized I don’t eat meat that much to begin with.

Some of the substitutions I have had to make this past week (keep in mind I was traveling all last week):

Spinach and egg bagel sandwich  vs. what I probably would have ordered – a turkey sausage and cheese bagel sandwich

Veggie pad see ew vs. what I probably would have ordered – chicken pad see ew

Cheese empanada vs. what I probably would have ordered – a chicken or pork empanada

Veggie omelet vs. what I probably would have ordered – a ham and cheese omelet

Slice of cheese pizza vs. what I probably would have ordered – a slice of combo (pepperoni, sausage, veggies)

With all of these substitutions – I didn’t miss the meat.  They were quite tasty in their vegetarian way.

I, once again, am traveling all this week.  It’s a bit more of a challenge when you are on the road, mainly because so much airport food that’s easy to eat on a plane has meat (think carry out sandwiches).  Salads are way too challenging to bring on a plane.  And fruit cups and yogurt, well, not a filling enough meal.

I’ve definitely learned that you have to incorporate a protein in your meal – so that you feel full.  Otherwise, you’ll end up just eating more because you get hungry again quickly – which really just means you end up eating more calories in a day than if you had eaten meat.  While I’m not doing this as any sort of “diet” – I’m also not looking to gain weight either!

So begins week #2.  I will be partaking in some college football tailgating on Saturday.  (University of Hawaii vs University of Washington.  Go Hawaii!!).  I haven’t decided yet if I actually will use this as one of my two cheat days.  Can I resist the temptation of our delicious, homemade spam musubis and kalua pork sliders??????


1 Response to “Update: My 31 day meatless month – week 1”

  1. 1 Katie P September 9, 2011 at 3:26 am

    Yay! See it’s really not so bad/hard… but for sure the airport is the worst possible place for vegetarians! And traveling for work is what made me start eating fish.. it was just too hard to get protein out there… Glad you’re not hating it! 🙂

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