We ran, we finished, we ate pancakes

Yay…we did it!  And we all came out alive (I was a little worried there during the race).  After several months of playing running coach for Tarah, Anthony, and Aaron – the time had come for the feet to meet the pavement.


All smiles before the start of the Labor Day Half Marathon in Woodinville.

I’ve run several races now, and this course was not one of my favorites.  It had both a few hills and flat areas (which is good), but so much of the course was on trails – trails that are popular to other bikers/walkers/runners/strollers.  Essentially, many times during the race – we had to be on the alert and actually move over for passing bikers.  Personally, for a race we pay for – I don’t think we should have to be competing for running space like that.

Nonetheless, the gang did really good.  We had set a strategy pre-race that I would stick with Anthony the whole time (as he would benefit more from my persistent nagging to “keep moving”) and Tarah and Aaron would pair up and run however fast they could. 

Tarah ended up finishing first of us four – yay for her!  Aaron was next – as he had to stop briefly because he was about to throw up.  And then Anthony and I raced to the finish line. 

Even though they didn’t meet their goal time of 2:10 – they did great!  It was Anthony and Tarah’s very first half marathon.  (And until we started training for this race, they had never run longer than six miles.  So they came a LONG way).  The last part of the course was not so fun – we were running in the really hot sun, with no water stations for the last three miles.  I was happy I got Anthony to finish strong though – which required a bit of bargaining.  “We’ll walk to that bend in the road…but then you have to run until the next mile marker.”

half mar2

Aaron, me, Anthony, and Tarah. 

  half mar1

Ewww…a sweaty Lisa sandwich.  Aaron and Anthony are major sweat monsters. 

Even though the gang was exhausted – we finished up our race experience with a super delicious breakfast!  A veggie omelet, hashbrowns, and pancakes!!  Perfect recovery food Smile

1 Response to “We ran, we finished, we ate pancakes”

  1. 1 Mom September 11, 2011 at 7:08 am

    Way to go!!! Where and when is the next race?

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