So NOT sweet. Here comes, my next 31 day challenge.

Can you figure it out?  Can you guess what my next 31 day challenge is going to be?  The month of September (plus one day in August) was all about eating meat-free. 

The month of October is all about…NO SWEETS! 

That might not sound like much of a challenge for some of you folks (like Micah).  But for me…well, this will be a true challenge.  You are talking to a major dessert-fiend here. 

Just to clarify, when I say no sweets, I am referring to the typical cookies, candy, cakes, brownies, doughnuts, pies, and chocolate.  So anything with chocolate is off-limits.  This includes my daily chocolate NuGo protein bars (or should I say NoGo bars) or my occasional chocolate-flavored  Muscle Milk Light protein drinks (which I love).  Although these are more about protein and vitamins, I opted to put them in the category of sweets since they are chocolate.

And since I’m no glutton for punishment (well, not too much anyway), I have given myself two cheat days to use as and when I want.

And to clarify even more, I’m not going sugar-free.  So fruits and carbs are not on the barred list.  Yes, I can drink juice.  Yes, I can drink mixed drinks.

However, I have been putting some careful thought into what I am going to eat.  Literally, I eat something(s) sweet EVERYDAY!  I imagine the first week is going to be tough, since my body will probably be going through major withdrawals.  But hopefully at the end of 31 days…I’ll have reset my body a bit and won’t crave sugar so much. 

Some of the alternative foods/snacks I’ve stocked up on: apple slices with natural almond or peanut butter, raw almonds, string cheese, plain fat-free Greek yogurt, veggies (of course – but those will get boring real quick), plain oatmeal, hummus, and cottage cheese.  I plan to figure out more along the way.

I intentionally chose this challenge for October since it’s a month filled with candy temptation.  It’s kicks off the beginning of the Sugar Season.

So there you go.  One more meat-free day to go and then starting Saturday…it’s no more sweets for me!  You think I’ll make it?

1 Response to “So NOT sweet. Here comes, my next 31 day challenge.”

  1. 1 Mom October 1, 2011 at 12:27 am

    Good Luck, Lisa!!! That would be a good one for all of us to try also. Halloween candy is EVERYWHERE!!!

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