Prost! Prost! Beer! Camping!

We had such a fun weekend camping over in Leavenworth and attending the Oktoberfest festivities.  Since lodging for this popular event is hard to come by (and we definitely wanted to be in the free shuttle area), we opted to go camping at a nearby site.  P.S. “Prost” is German for “cheers!”

Our new German friends, Marc and Holger (both on short-term assignment at my work), joined us – and they definitely got to experience camping, American-style.  They were soooo amazed at how luxurious our camping is (and really, it’s nothing that spectacular or out of the ordinary).  Apparently, in Germany when you go camping, you can’t build a fire in your campsite and eating ravioli straight from the can is not all that uncommon.  Plus, they had no idea what SMORES were!

Marc and Holger are the two guys on the left.  They were quite excited about the chorizo egg breakfast burritos that Gabe and Charissa had prepared Saturday morning.

I’ll just give you some of the highlights of our very fun weekend:

  • Friday was the last day of September and also the last day of my no meat challenge.  How ironic that our neighbors (camping in that sweet RV you see in the background of the pic) generously gave us two massive T-bone steaks…that I did not eat.  I resisted.  But the boys did not. 

  • Five of the eight of us dressed up, in “true” Bavarian style!  Vann (far left) was mistaken all day as either a 1) hobbit 2) leprechaun 3) elf or 4) simply called “little feller.”  Naomi (next to Vann), she MADE her outfit out of green felt…it was seriously bad ass.

  • The boys – Oktoberfesting and loving it!

  • The girls – hokey pokey-ing and loving it!

  • There were lots of fun bands playing in the different tents. 

  • How could we resist this pic opportunity?

  • Smores!  Marc and Holger loved these!
  • Saturday was the first day of October, and thus, the start of my new 31 day no sweets challenge.  Thus, I could no longer enjoy any of this Smores deliciousness. Sad smile


We all had a really fabulous time!!  And although we were a bit slow and dehydrated come Sunday morning – it was well worth it!  Plus, we lucked out and didn’t get rained on.

Auf wiedersehen!!

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