I’ve been MIA…missing in Alaska!

Just a little update on my somewhat crazy life:

  • I’m currently mid-flight traveling for work this week
  • I just spent a week in Alaska visiting my sister and two of my nieces.  It was a blast!!!!!  (Definitely a post and pics to come)
  • We lost our flag football game yesterday.  Our first loss of the season…but as always, Micah was a rockstar!
  • I’m headed to Las Vegas for Zoe’s bachelorette party!!  That’s in a couple of weekends.
  • As soon as I get back…I fly right back out to Orlando for a research conference
  • With all my crazy traveling this year…I made MVP status on Alaska Airlines. Woo hoo!  So far, no free first class upgrades to speak of.   😦
  • Just read Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet for my book club; finished in about…4 hours (3 of which were up in the air).  Great book, especially if you are familiar with the International District part of Seattle.
  • House hunting is going, but so far only a couple of potentials…over-priced potentials.  So we continue to keep our eyes open and visit houses when we see any gems.
  • Did some awesome tailgating over the weekend for the WSU game in Seattle.  Tailgating with other Cougs is always a blast.  Watching the Cougs get demolished by a second rate opponent…not so fun.
  • And finally…my 31 day NO SWEETS challenge – it’s going great!  A little hard at times with some of the events going on.  I did redeem one of my two “sweet cheat days.”  Come on…a whole week in Alaska with my nieces (who also love sweets)…it was inevitable!!!  Just 7 more days.  We’ll see if I can resist during my travels this week.  I’ll be locked away for hours in a focus group facility (aka the land of M&Ms!)
Alright, that’s it for now.

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