Taxi drivers need to get with the times

With all my work travel, I take a lot of taxis.  And given that I’m traveling on company time and on the company dime – I have to use my corporate card for all my travel expenses…including taxi trips.

Maybe it’s just my experience, but I am constantly getting taxi drivers who are so rude when I tell them I’ll be paying with a credit card.  YES, I get it.  It’s way better for them when their riders use cash.  It’s faster, it’s under the radar, and they get their tips right away.  But sorry folks – credit/debit cards are not going away.  I often don’t even carry any cash, let alone enough for a $50+ taxi ride.

My past work trip – to Chicago and to LA – I encountered each time seriously rude taxi drivers.  The one driver in Chicago was basically refusing to accept a credit card as payment, giving me a bunch of bullshit excuses as to why he couldn’t.  All I said was “Sorry man, this is my company policy.”  After major grumbling and almost starting a fight with me, he begrudgingly accepted my card for the $14 ride.  I even said, “If this was a $60 ride, you’d have NO problem taking my company card.” 


Don’t ride in this taxi!!!

And in LA, I had a similar experience – but he was not so brazenly rude.  But when he said he only wanted cash, I said “Well, you better let me out right now because I’m only paying with a card.”  Of course, he didn’t – but I was close to getting out myself. 

Granted, there are PLENTY of drivers that I’ve had who have not giving me any troubles when I pay with a card.  And some taxis make it VERY easy for riders to do this (where you can swipe your own credit card from the backseat and input tip using a computer touch screen).   But there are enough drivers who are still thinking we should only pay with cash – and that’s just not where the financial world is trending. 

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