Is it a boy? A girl? Let’s ask the cake!

Last Saturday my friend Tarah and I threw our friends Aaron and Regina a baby shower.  Although this will be their second baby, they still wanted to have some type of event for their friends and family to partake.  I convinced them to have a Gender Reveal Baby Shower. 

I happened to catch a segment on Today about this new fun twist in traditional baby showers.  Here’s how it works:

  • When it’s time to identify the gender, the parent(s) go in for the ultrasound, but are NOT told. 
  • Rather, the gender is written down on a piece of paper and given to a baker (or nice friend who you trust) Smile
  • The baker then bakes a cake, coloring the cake to reflect pink (girl) or blue (boy)
  • Frost it with gender-neutral frosting – and voila’ – you now have a very secretive cake.
  • Assemble friends and family for the baby shower, and the parent(s) cut the cake – to reveal to themselves, and others – if it’s a boy or girl!  Fun, right?

So our friends were not willing to keep it a secret from themselves. (Boo…I tried hard to convince them!)  But they did agree that only them, Tarah, and I would know.  But all their friends and family would have to wait for the cake cutting.


So here is the cake that I made for them. 

  • I made a vanilla cake from scratch (and just added food coloring).
  • I used a box cake mix to make the cake pops (the cute cake-on-a-stick that make up the ‘question mark’)
  • And homemade buttercream frosting to hide the cake color (and all the imperfections)

Sorry, I don’t have a picture of Aaron and Regina cutting the cake. But…when they did….the cake was BLUE!!

the girls

Congrats to our awesome friends!!! 

1 Response to “Is it a boy? A girl? Let’s ask the cake!”

  1. 1 Mom November 21, 2011 at 6:04 am

    What a cute idea! Loved the cake, and from scratch no less…you are a real master! Congrats to Aaron and Regina( another little boy, right?)

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