Wedding recap: The cake that takes the cake

The wedding cake.  For some, it’s not a big deal.  In fact, it’s becoming quite the trend to totally forgo a wedding cake and do cupcakes, or cookies, or pies…or nothing.  Well, that’s not me.  I wanted a great cake…both looking and tasting. 

We chose a three-tiered cake (where each tier was a different flavor, filling, and frosting combo).  And the decoration…well, it was super simple, but super awesome.

IMG_1313Our cake table.  Soooo sweet.  A shout out to my friend Regina for making that super cute banner.


Our cake.  Soooo cute.  And simple!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!  The green perfectly matched the kelly green wedding colors.  FYI, the letters are decorated sugar cookies.


Our custom wooden cake toppers.  I’m holding a cupcake b/c I love cupcakes. (I even have a flower in my hair…just like the real me!)  Micah is in his college football uniform – right down to his actual number.  I found the seller on Etsy…she did such an awesome job.

The funny thing – I don’t really remember how the cake actually tasted.  And since we got married in Hawaii, we opted to NOT save the top tier.  Oh well!!

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