Breaking the 500 mark

Ahh…I did it!  I have 501 blog posts!  (This one actually makes 502).  For the random, casual blogger like myself – that’s a HELL of a lot of writing. 

I thought I’d share some fun stats about my blog thus far:

  • 1 – My very first blog post was on September 22, 2008.
  • 51,379 – As of 10pm on Dec 18, that is the total number of views of my blog.
  • 1,787 – The most views for a single post.  It was on April 12, 2010.  I wrote about running a race in Korea.
  • 52 – My current average per day views for 2011, down from an average of 67 in 2010, but significantly higher than my average of 8 in 2008 (for the 3 or so months I was up and running). Smile
  • 4,053 – The number of SPAM comments that the widget Akismet has filtered out for me.
  • 0 – The number of people I know who I’ve successfully convinced to start their own blog!


WordPress makes it easy to keep stats on your site.  This histogram charts the number of views to my site from the beginning to current.  Aside from a few spikes, my site is pretty darn consistent.

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