Wedding Recap: Be a fan!

Since we were having an outdoor wedding in Hawaii – we wanted to make sure our guests could stay cool.  Since outdoor misters just didn’t seem feasible, the next best option…fans!

Of course, in keeping with our tradition of being a bit untraditional, we opted for a more fun and whimsical route.

First, I found this website:

This vendor is pretty cool.  You can pay (a premium) and get custom fans designed and made.  Or, buy stock fans that come blank – allowing you to decorate as you like (what we did).

Look at all these cool shapes (there’s even more than what’s pictured below):

fan shapes

We went for the Bubble fan – the one that looks like a quote bubble.

I then turned to a wedding planners must-have site: Etsy!  I wanted a custom rubber stamp that we could use to decorate our fans.  And I found the best seller – she was awesome, and was able to hard carve my fan in a really quick amount of time.  She also sells other cool custom calligraphy items.

yay stamp

YAY for Etsy…and our cool stamp!

Now that we had blank fans and a custom stamp – we had to get to stampin’!


How cute is our little fan!?!

1 Response to “Wedding Recap: Be a fan!”

  1. 1 Amne June 13, 2014 at 6:26 pm

    Hi! What Etsy seller made the Yay! stamp? We would like to do the same. Thanks

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