On the move

The other day, we came home to find a note on our door. This note, for all intensive purposes, said GET LOST! We are getting the boot. Sayonara. We will have to vacate our townhouse rental by the end of April. Sad smile

The letter was actually a bit more professionally written, and granted, our landlords have been quite accommodating – allowing us to renew our lease for three month periods. And since we are still heavy in the hunt for a house, it’s been really great knowing we can keep living where we are and just renew for short periods of time.

Well, that time is over! The owners are selling this unit when our lease is up.

So that gives us essentially TWO months to either find a house, buy it, close, and move in. Or find a place to rent and potentially put house buying on hold for a little bit. Either way, we are hittin’ the road. And either way, we have to start packing!!


Given the craziness that will ensure over the next couple of months – we have already started doing a bit of packing. We figure we’ll have to do it at some point and we might as well pack up the stuff we know we won’t have to use in the short term.

Ahh…I hate moving. We are hoping some amazing house comes onto the market in the next couple of weeks. We really would love moving…if it were into our house…that we bought! We have set our deadline…and if we find a house, GREAT…if not, then we rent. We absolutely don’t want to settle just because of our current situation. Wish us luck!!

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