Checking in…

Hi guys! It’s uh, been awhile. Let’s just say, it’s been a crazy few months and my blog had to go on the backburner. I’m going to try REALLY hard to not let it go unattended for so long in the future.

There’s been LOTS going on! My last post was over two months ago! Since then:

  • We went to Vancouver, Canada for a weekend getaway – filled with yummy eats, shopping, sightseeing and just general lounging. It was great!
  • We went to Mexico for our Gabe and Charissa’s wedding – post to come
  • I was in Salt Lake City for 10 days for work – it’s a really fun city with great food, pretty impressive architecture, and friendly people
  • We found a house we loved (that I never set foot in). And we didn’t get it. The sellers went with someone else.
  • I was working like a freaking dog – I’m seriously not kidding. I worked EVERY single day, including Saturdays and Sundays for a month straight
  • We started up flag football again – it’s been fun to get out there
  • My car got broken into!
  • AND finally…we BOUGHT A HOUSE!!! More to come on that for sure.

I’m not gonna lie. It hasn’t been an easy few months. Work has pretty much filled up all my time and energy – and that’s tough for me given that I was looking for more work/life balance when I left my old job. But I’m EXTREMELY lucky to have Micah – as he has been there to handle all the stuff I can’t…which has been a lot!!!

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