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A few updates

Update 1: Eye twitch – was a problem a little while back…went away…and now it’s back.  Grrr.
Update 2: Book club – I have since finished all three book club books.  Had a fun book club meeting with Micah discussing Water for Elephants, a fun book club meeting discussing Twilight among other things, and another fun book club discussing Predictably Irrational.  Some of my book club girls are going to watch the movie Twilight.  Hope it’s better than the book.  Our next book is Wuthering Heights.  Going classic this time.  Already started…and already thinking I won’t finish.  It’s a hard book to read.  Instead, I’m reading The Shack.  It’s a book my grandma sent me – so far it’s pretty interesting.  I figure I’ll have a little book club discussion with her via phone once I’m finished.
Update 3: Micah got the Wii Fit.  It’s SOO fun.  And I actually am quite impressed with how decent of a workout you can get on it.  There’s yoga poses, strength exercises, aerobics and balance exercises.  It’s fun seeing just how balanced, flexible, or strong you are.  I highly recommend.

Devilish times

Had another fun-filled busy weekend.  Decided to forgo Friday’s work happy hour – and instead went to the gym (to counterbalance the coming weekend festivities). 

Saturday:  Started the morning off with some couples yoga…and more specifically, it was me and Micah fighting for living room space as we followed along with a 20 minute yoga video on tv.  But it was invigorating nonetheless.  Afterwards, put the finishing touches on my cake for the bachelorette party.  I then met up with some fellow bachelorette ladies at the Benefit makeup counter at Macy’s to do a little makeover action.  I didn’t love my makeover, but I did like some of the products they have.  We finished getting ready at my friend’s house in Seattle (after making a quick stop to buy a present for the bachelorette – b/c my shall remain nameless friend forgot to get a gift!).  But all was good, and crisis (and potential humiliation) was averted quite nicely.  Now, we were instructed to wear red and/or devil horns, tail, etc. for the night, as the bachelorette would be wearing all white and a halo.  I didn’t have anything red, so I opted for the devil horns, which was fairly easy to obtain considering it’s Halloween next week. 

Later that night…made our way over to the hostess’ house – where the girls were already enjoying food and spirits. 🙂  We did the usual activities for this type of event – enough said.  But it was a great time.  And around 10:30pm, we made our way to The War Room in Capitol Hill area.  Got in for free and had arrangments for the VIP booth (which is crucial if you are in heels all night).  Spent a good amount of time there dancing, hanging out, having a drink or two, and getting the bachelorette to do all sorts of random activities with all sorts of random people.  It was entertaining and people around us seemed to love it.  Here’s a fun pic from a professional photographer taking pics that night: 

Later later that night…as with most bachelorette parties it is customary to at some point in the night, show up at Tia Lou’s in Belltown.  With thirteen girls showing up, many with devil horns on, we got right in and no cover (yay!).  It was packed, of course.  And it was hard to keep track of everyone.  But the music was fun and danceable and most of us managed to stay until the lights came on.  Ended the night with lots of water and a quick stop at Jack-in-the-Box (my personal favorite late night food.  Jumbo jack and curly fries – unbeatable combo).  Oh, didn’t get home til nearly 4am (and in case you are wondering, it’s been a LONG time since I’ve gotten home that late).

Sunday: Got a few hours sleep, and then it was rise and shine time.  I had my girl’s book club meeting to go to – back in Seattle.  Forgoing a shower in the morning gave me at least 10 additional minutes of shut eye, so that was a no brainer.  We had a really fun meeting, talked about our book Twilight and it seems everyone really liked it, and some have read the following books in the series.  Now, I didn’t love it – but perhaps I’ll give book #2 a try and see if I’m just a late bloomer.  Kate, she was the host, made an awesome spread of brunch foods (two different types of quiche, scones, salad, marketspice tea).  Yummy!  We had great conversation and got caught up with everyone.  I love book club.  Next up, a classic, Wuthering Heights and going to watch the movie version of Twilight (out Nov. 21st).  By the time I got home, I was zonked.  But instead of resting, I chose to spend the rest of the beautiful (and unusually sunny) day with Micah.  We went and played basketball in the park, ordered pizza and watched a movie.  I need this week to rest up!

Book club, book club, book club

So I have “book club” in the title three times because I am a part of three book clubs.  Usually I can time it so that not everything is overlapping at once, but I seem to have failed this time around…but no worries – I seem to have more time on my hands (see previous blog postings about job), so I can catch up.  Here’s what I’m reading at the moment.

Book club 1: This is the book club I have with my girlfriends.  We are going on 5 years now!  Our current pick:  Twilight by Stephanie Meyer.  It’s part of a series of books, and I think it’s actually written for tweens/teenage girls, but I’ve gotten countless recommendations from people my age or older.  We thought we’d see what all the hype was about.  I have just started this.  I think it’s about vampires, which I normally am not into…but again, I am willing to read to see why everyone is raving.

Book club 2: Micah and I have our own book club too. We’ve done it for a year or so. We trade picks, so that Micah gets to pick one month, me the next, and so on. We just finished reading Star Wars: Heir to the Empire.  Wonder who’s pick that was?  So, this month’s selection is Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen.  I thought I’d change it up a bit and invite not only my sister (who I constantly am encouraging to read more) to read this boook, but also my grandma.  My Grams recently stumbled upon large print books (easier on the eyes) in the library.  And after hearing about some of the books she’s been reading, I thought she’d enjoy this one too.  So I ordered up four of these books (1 large print) for us all.  Funny thing is, my grandma got her book and read half of it before we even got ours shipped.  But it’ll be fun to discuss it…once I finish…which means I need to start it.  Eeek.

Book club 3: This is newly formed and is with some of my buddies at work: Alison, Katie, and Valerie.  We wanted to read some interesting books that relate to our profession…but not boring “business books” but cool interesting stuff about consumer behavior, psychology, decision-making, etc.  So we kicked it off with Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely.  I’m about half way through.  This one is kind of nice because we only read 4 chapters or so, and then meet at lunchtime.  It’s been extremely interesting thus far.  The author is a very creative, unique researcher who turns traditional thinking about consumer-decision making on its head.  (If you liked Freakonomics then you might like this one too).

Ok – enough blogging, I gotta read!!!!

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