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No sweets, no sweat

It’s been a full 10 days of my second 31-day challenge – this one being, 31 days of no desserts/sweet treats.

Given my weakness for all things sugary, I figured this would be really hard to do.  And while the first few days I suffered from a constant dull headache (me thinks it was sugar withdrawals), I feel much better now.  And while the temptation is always there (exhibit A: a friend’s birthday party filled with brownies, cake, and ice cream), I somehow have managed to stay on track.  That’s not to say I don’t really crave some type of sweet treat at some point in the day!!

Hopefully by the end of 31 days, I’ll have reset my internal body sugar thermostat!

But I still have two full cheat days to use…which I haven’t decided yet how I’ll use them.

Prost! Prost! Beer! Camping!

We had such a fun weekend camping over in Leavenworth and attending the Oktoberfest festivities.  Since lodging for this popular event is hard to come by (and we definitely wanted to be in the free shuttle area), we opted to go camping at a nearby site.  P.S. “Prost” is German for “cheers!”

Our new German friends, Marc and Holger (both on short-term assignment at my work), joined us – and they definitely got to experience camping, American-style.  They were soooo amazed at how luxurious our camping is (and really, it’s nothing that spectacular or out of the ordinary).  Apparently, in Germany when you go camping, you can’t build a fire in your campsite and eating ravioli straight from the can is not all that uncommon.  Plus, they had no idea what SMORES were!

Marc and Holger are the two guys on the left.  They were quite excited about the chorizo egg breakfast burritos that Gabe and Charissa had prepared Saturday morning.

I’ll just give you some of the highlights of our very fun weekend:

  • Friday was the last day of September and also the last day of my no meat challenge.  How ironic that our neighbors (camping in that sweet RV you see in the background of the pic) generously gave us two massive T-bone steaks…that I did not eat.  I resisted.  But the boys did not. 

  • Five of the eight of us dressed up, in “true” Bavarian style!  Vann (far left) was mistaken all day as either a 1) hobbit 2) leprechaun 3) elf or 4) simply called “little feller.”  Naomi (next to Vann), she MADE her outfit out of green felt…it was seriously bad ass.

  • The boys – Oktoberfesting and loving it!

  • The girls – hokey pokey-ing and loving it!

  • There were lots of fun bands playing in the different tents. 

  • How could we resist this pic opportunity?

  • Smores!  Marc and Holger loved these!
  • Saturday was the first day of October, and thus, the start of my new 31 day no sweets challenge.  Thus, I could no longer enjoy any of this Smores deliciousness. Sad smile


We all had a really fabulous time!!  And although we were a bit slow and dehydrated come Sunday morning – it was well worth it!  Plus, we lucked out and didn’t get rained on.

Auf wiedersehen!!

So NOT sweet. Here comes, my next 31 day challenge.

Can you figure it out?  Can you guess what my next 31 day challenge is going to be?  The month of September (plus one day in August) was all about eating meat-free. 

The month of October is all about…NO SWEETS! 

That might not sound like much of a challenge for some of you folks (like Micah).  But for me…well, this will be a true challenge.  You are talking to a major dessert-fiend here. 

Just to clarify, when I say no sweets, I am referring to the typical cookies, candy, cakes, brownies, doughnuts, pies, and chocolate.  So anything with chocolate is off-limits.  This includes my daily chocolate NuGo protein bars (or should I say NoGo bars) or my occasional chocolate-flavored  Muscle Milk Light protein drinks (which I love).  Although these are more about protein and vitamins, I opted to put them in the category of sweets since they are chocolate.

And since I’m no glutton for punishment (well, not too much anyway), I have given myself two cheat days to use as and when I want.

And to clarify even more, I’m not going sugar-free.  So fruits and carbs are not on the barred list.  Yes, I can drink juice.  Yes, I can drink mixed drinks.

However, I have been putting some careful thought into what I am going to eat.  Literally, I eat something(s) sweet EVERYDAY!  I imagine the first week is going to be tough, since my body will probably be going through major withdrawals.  But hopefully at the end of 31 days…I’ll have reset my body a bit and won’t crave sugar so much. 

Some of the alternative foods/snacks I’ve stocked up on: apple slices with natural almond or peanut butter, raw almonds, string cheese, plain fat-free Greek yogurt, veggies (of course – but those will get boring real quick), plain oatmeal, hummus, and cottage cheese.  I plan to figure out more along the way.

I intentionally chose this challenge for October since it’s a month filled with candy temptation.  It’s kicks off the beginning of the Sugar Season.

So there you go.  One more meat-free day to go and then starting Saturday…it’s no more sweets for me!  You think I’ll make it?

The last days of my 31 day meat-free challenge

I have three days left in my inaugural 31 day challenge – which I kicked off with going a whole 31 days without eating meat (except for my two meat cheat days.  However, I’ve only used one of those two…and I may not even cash in on my last one).

Overall, it was really easy (which really surprised me).  Sure, there were a few social activities where I couldn’t eat some meaty foods that I wanted to, and most definitely otherwise would have.  But I can’t say that I missed meat. 

Having done this, I plan to continue to eat mostly meat-free.  I’m definitely not interested in becoming a full-on vegetarian (or pescatarian), but I do know I want to limit when and how much meat I do eat.  These days, and especially in the Seattle area – it’s incredibly easy to find very delicious meat-free meals. 

And it wasn’t hard to cook meat-free either.  You just have to think ahead about what your protein is going to be…otherwise, it’s just a bunch of vegetables and carbs that won’t make you full or isn’t healthy for you.

So…you may be wondering, what is my next 31 day challenge?  Stay tuned.  This one is going to be a REAL DOOZY of a challenge.

My meat cheat day

It’s been 17 days in to my 31 day challenge and I can say, it’s gone pretty good.  I really haven’t missed eating meat.  That’s not to say, I haven’t been in situations where I really would have liked taking a bite of something that looked delicious – but since it had meat…I had to decline.

I did allot myself TWO cheat days.  That is, two days where I could eat meat.  I have had to think long and hard about how best to use these two days.  I’ve decided that Saturday will be my first cheat day.  It’s the first annual Seattle Mobile Food Rodeo.  A day where all the best local food trucks will be in one place.  And since I work in sad ol’ Factoria-area in Bellevue…suffice it to say, no mobile food truck will be parking itself out there.  So I don’t get much of an opportunity to eat at these type of places – and I really would like to!

So I plan to eat at various food trucks…ordering whatever I like, with no regard for meat vs no meat.  I’ll report back on how I feel.  Hopefully I don’t get some weird meat-induced sickness!

Update: My 31 day meatless month – week 1

Thought I’d provide a little update on my 31 day challenge.  It’s been one week of a meat-free living.  Honestly, it really hasn’t been difficult at all – for a couple of reasons.  One, I’m really being more of a pescatarian (so Micah’s salt and pepper prawns last night for dinner were wolfed down).  And two, I realized I don’t eat meat that much to begin with.

Some of the substitutions I have had to make this past week (keep in mind I was traveling all last week):

Spinach and egg bagel sandwich  vs. what I probably would have ordered – a turkey sausage and cheese bagel sandwich

Veggie pad see ew vs. what I probably would have ordered – chicken pad see ew

Cheese empanada vs. what I probably would have ordered – a chicken or pork empanada

Veggie omelet vs. what I probably would have ordered – a ham and cheese omelet

Slice of cheese pizza vs. what I probably would have ordered – a slice of combo (pepperoni, sausage, veggies)

With all of these substitutions – I didn’t miss the meat.  They were quite tasty in their vegetarian way.

I, once again, am traveling all this week.  It’s a bit more of a challenge when you are on the road, mainly because so much airport food that’s easy to eat on a plane has meat (think carry out sandwiches).  Salads are way too challenging to bring on a plane.  And fruit cups and yogurt, well, not a filling enough meal.

I’ve definitely learned that you have to incorporate a protein in your meal – so that you feel full.  Otherwise, you’ll end up just eating more because you get hungry again quickly – which really just means you end up eating more calories in a day than if you had eaten meat.  While I’m not doing this as any sort of “diet” – I’m also not looking to gain weight either!

So begins week #2.  I will be partaking in some college football tailgating on Saturday.  (University of Hawaii vs University of Washington.  Go Hawaii!!).  I haven’t decided yet if I actually will use this as one of my two cheat days.  Can I resist the temptation of our delicious, homemade spam musubis and kalua pork sliders??????


My last supper


Chicken mole enchiladas. Mmm. Hasta la vista carne!

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