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Barely February

It’s just days into February and it’s already a big FAIL for my February challenges. I was intending to challenge myself to take my vitamins everyday. That is, my daily multivitamins (in gummy bear form), fish oil, and B12. I’m awful about remembering to take my fish oil and B12 – but oddly enough, always remember to take my gummy vitamins Smile But I’ve already slipped two days now. Boooo. I’ll do my best to make it only those two days that I miss for the rest of the month. So far, not a great start.

And we’re back…sort of

Hi guys! It’s been awhile…a whole month to be exact. I didn’t post in January because well 1) I had NO time and 2) I opted that to be my 31 day challenge – I know, that’s kind of lame. But as I always say, it’s my 31 day challenge – feel free to do your own challenge with your own rules. Smile

I’ll do my best to blog more…but it’s going to be tough – mainly because of my new job. With any new job, there’s a lot to navigate – the culture, the people, the vocabulary, the work, etc. etc. I’m really liking it, but it’s no piece of cake. And I am finding myself with little time and mental energy at the end of the day.

January was an action-packed, fun-filled month. Recaps to come. But to summarize – no less in limerick form:

We were in Hawaii for 9 wonderful days
we went to the beach and soaked up some rays.

We got to spend time with Brian, Tera and my nieces
It was so fun and I miss them to pieces!!!

We ate lots of good food, including shave ice
and nearly every meal we ate included two scoops of white rice.

For two nights, we stayed in a beautiful ocean-view suite
We didn’t have to pay a thing, what an awesome treat!

We saw Zoe and Russ get married in an amazing ceremony
And partied the night away with fun friends and family.

We came home to Seattle all covered in white snow
But not quite enough – off to work we had to go Sad smile

But then more snow fell and we did not venture outside
We worked from home, snuggled, and stayed warm and dry.

Our friends hosted a murder mystery dinner, it was such a hit
We dressed in costumes, ate yummy food, and guessed whudunnit?

Micah’s birthday was filled with Japanese food and sake
We ate and drank and sang lots and lots and lots of karaoke!!!!

And the very next day, what does he want for his special birthday dinner?
Japanese food of course, that’s a no brainer.

The search continues for “our” house, but nothing so far
Oh, and last night…someone hit my car.

The month has flown by and I’m excited to see
What new things I can rhyme about for the month of February!

I’ll get around to posting pics, I promise!!


My last day of work at T-Mobile was this past Friday.  (YAYYYYY!!!) And…the first thing Micah and I did after we got off work was…switch to iPhones!  It made sense to be with T-Mobile when I was working there (given the fact that we got a fabulous employee discount).  But, since we’ll be paying for regular (i.e. ridiculously expensive) plans, we wanted to get phones we actually wanted. 

Micah used to have the original iPhone and I have an iPod touch – so we are already very used to the operating system and user interface.  Easy to use, WAY longer battery life, and an endless number of fun cases to accessorize your phone.

Thank you Kendra

As a going away present, my awesome friend Kendra got us these adorable iPhone cases.  Love them!

You can pretty much find a case to fit ANY style and flavor out there.  Here are a few fun ones. 

wsu case

Look how good that one looks! Smile






The back looks just like an old school Nintendo controller.  Awesome!

Breaking the 500 mark

Ahh…I did it!  I have 501 blog posts!  (This one actually makes 502).  For the random, casual blogger like myself – that’s a HELL of a lot of writing. 

I thought I’d share some fun stats about my blog thus far:

  • 1 – My very first blog post was on September 22, 2008.
  • 51,379 – As of 10pm on Dec 18, that is the total number of views of my blog.
  • 1,787 – The most views for a single post.  It was on April 12, 2010.  I wrote about running a race in Korea.
  • 52 – My current average per day views for 2011, down from an average of 67 in 2010, but significantly higher than my average of 8 in 2008 (for the 3 or so months I was up and running). Smile
  • 4,053 – The number of SPAM comments that the widget Akismet has filtered out for me.
  • 0 – The number of people I know who I’ve successfully convinced to start their own blog!


WordPress makes it easy to keep stats on your site.  This histogram charts the number of views to my site from the beginning to current.  Aside from a few spikes, my site is pretty darn consistent.

TV try #2

You may remember that last year around this time, I made a big (awesome) sign, in an attempt to get on national TV for the Seattle Seahawks vs St. Louis Rams football game.  It was a primetime game, televised nationally.  (We won! Which led us to the playoffs).

Well, the result was that I didn’t make it.  Probably due to the fact that…well, see that big lighted sign behind us?  That’s located at the top near the endzone.  And we obviously aren’t far from it.  “Location, location, location!”

Well, this past Thursday, Micah and I had tickets for the Seahawks vs Philadelphia Eagles game.  This was a primetime game on the NFL Network (a cable station…but the only game on that night).  Yes, this was my 2nd chance!

my sign

Woo hoo!!!

I made a few modifications:

1. LOCATION!  See how close I am to the field?  Yeah, these are the best seats we’ve ever had.  There’s tons of camera people just a short distance away.  In fact, we are just one section over from where the NFL Network crew was broadcasting.


Hi Deion Sanders!

2. Sign color.  Seahawks neon green.  Much more attention-grabbing I say.

3. Christmas-theme.  Look at that cute Santa hat – that I totally free-handed.

I couldn’t think of anything clever enough to write that incorporated the NFL acronym…so my message is simple, but embodies a true Seahawk fan enthusiasm.Smile

Funny, from these seats – a lot of these football players are actually pretty tiny.

The other thing about these seats is that nearly everyone stands…and they stand the entire time.  And because you are so close to the field, it’s hard to put a sign up in the air as it will quite easily block people’s views…their expensive views. 

This posed a problem.  An awesome sign.  And no way to show it. 

So…I waited for half time when most people clear their seats.  Perfect…sort of.  Halftime is also when there are lots of commercials and most viewers tune into something else. 

But right at the end of halftime, I caught the attention of a camera guy and YES!  He held a steady shot on me and my sign for a good 15 seconds!!

Unfortunately, we didn’t record this game at home.  And I’ve heard nothing from anyone about seeing me on TV.  So, it’s hard to say if they actually aired that footage.  I like to believe they did Smile

On a related note, this was an AWESOME game to watch.  We stayed to the very end…and later (my last chance for airtime!)

I wasn’t the only one duped!

Scroll down to a couple of posts ago where I was letting my readers know how Coke was trying to trick us!  Or just click here.

Now, read this story!

Another example of the power of social media. 

And…as a consumer researcher by trade – how did they NOT see this coming?!

Go greyhound


It’s nearly midnight…but I didn’t forget about my blogging goal!
One of my go to cocktails is the somewhat old-school greyhound.
Vodka and grapefruit juice. Yum. I need to try it one of these days with fresh-squeezed juice.

Where in the world…

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