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Wedding recap: It IS all fun and games

As you might already know, Micah and I love playing games – be it cards, board games, video games, etc. 

So, we knew we wanted to incorporate a bit of that into our wedding and have a little fun with our guests. 

For starters, we decided on a unique way of doing our guest “book.” 

scrabble game

It’s a Scrabble board!  We asked guests to sign the back of it.

And we played three games during the wedding reception.

1. At the start of the reception, we played a favorite game of ours called Whoonu (as in Who Knew).  It’s a Cranium game – in which you are trying to pick someone’s favorite thing (but limited to the “things” listed on the cards in your hand).  It’s super easy and a great get to know you game.  Of course, we put our twist on this. 

whoonu game

Each guest was given their name card that included their table assignment on it.  But on the back of each card was a completely random thing.  (P.S. the design on the card matches the design of our wedding invitations!)

Guests most likely didn’t even know there was something written on the back, or if they did – wasn’t sure what it meant. 

So when it was time to play – we asked each table to look at the back of their cards, and pick the card that everyone at that table thought was Micah and my favorite thing.  Tables worked together to choose that one card.  (Note: these really were random.  Some were good things like "the internet” and some could go either way like “talking on the phone,” “scary movies,” “staying up late.”)

Micah and I then had to put the cards in order from most favorite to least favorite.  And we revealed the answers to the room.  It was super fun and super easy to play (but takes a bit of prep time in making all the cards….but I’m sure there are tons of other easier ways of doing it).


The winning table (I believe they had “potluck”) all got candy prizes.  The losing table each won a roll of toilet paper!  (I can’t remember what their cards was).


2. The second game we played was to determine the order of tables to the buffet line.  Instead of just going numerically, we mixed it up with some “Name that tune!”  The great part about this game was that the DJ handled it all.  He played a few seconds of a song (and varied it up with songs from different eras) and people had to shout out the answer.  If you were correct, your table was next for the buffet.    

3. Okay, the last game we played right after dinner – the shoe game!  I read about this game on some wedding blogs and knew it was something we wanted to play at our wedding.

The premise is simple:


Sit back to back.  Each person holds two shoes (one of their own, one from the other person).



Next, have the emcee ask questions (that we already had prepared) about “who is a better ____?”  or “who is more likely to _____?”  You answer by raising either your own shoe, or the other person’s.  It’s SUPER fun and fun for the guests too.


For example, we had “Who is a better cook?”  – we both raised Micah’s shoe.  “Who is more likely to eat dessert for breakfast?” – we both raised my shoe.  “Who is a better driver?” – we each raised our own shoe!

Games were a perfect fit for our fun and whimsical wedding.  If you are planning a wedding, then consider it too!  (But…know your guests.  We knew our friends and family would be up for the silly fun).

Let the games begin!

Football season has officially started.  There’s college football to watch (Go WSU!), there’s the Seahawks to pray for, and there are fantasy football teams to manage.

Not sure what got into me – but I have FOUR fantasy football teams this season.  And one is actually a pay league.  And with my team – I have a fairly decent chance to win some $$ (I know, risky to say since it’s only week 1). 

It’ll be interesting and very challenging to keep it all straight.  On any given matchup -  I might need a player to do well (if he’s on my fantasy team) and not do well (if I’m playing against him in a different fantasy league).  Plus, there’s injury reports to stay on top of, bye weeks to consider, players to take a gamble on, and others to know when to cut.  But that is the beauty of fantasy football!  Wish me luck!!

The Catan continues…

I wrote earlier in my “Cool things of 2010” post about our love of the game Settlers of Catan. 

Well, that love grows with our newest addition.

It’s one of the gazillion expansion packs available: Seafarers. 

Unfortunately, we haven’t had a chance to try it out yet – we need at least three players.  Hello…anyone?

Cool things of 2010 – No. 14

#14. Settlers of Catan

We were recently introduced to this board game…and are hooked!  And attempting to get others hooked as well. 

Yes, it has a totally nerdy name.  And the box even looks nerdy.


Right? Super nerdsville looking. 

But this board game is super fun and available in 30 languages…which makes us late to the game (haha…pun intended) – it’s been around since 1995 (but only in Europe).  It’s incredibly popular, easy to play, and well…fun.  Apparently the Washington Post called Settlers of Catan “the board game of our time.”  Whoa.   

It’s so popular, that there are TONS of expansion packs you can buy that can spice up the original gameplay.

Read more about its history here.

Watch out Scrabble…you’ve got some competition for my game-playing attention. Smile


With the handful of sunny Seattle days we have experienced, and the handful to come – Scrabble has become my summer must-have.  I’ve busted out my travel version numerous times and have found it to be an excellent way to spend time outside in the nice weather with friends – and a game virtually anyone can play.  Fortunately, we have a pretty nice rooftop deck, making it a perfect place to nerd it up!  Who’s in???scrabble!

We had ourselves a merry little Christmas

*Warning: Really long post – can’t help it – lots happened during the holidays! 🙂

Christmas this year was different than those in the past.  1) We weren’t going to be spending it with family – either Micah’s or mine.  2) The economy really was a downer – and many of us decided to not exchange gifts.  Just not the thing to be spending money on.  3) The weather was nuts.  With the down pour of snow – we weren’t sure if we’d even have anyone over for Christmas Eve dinner (which Micah and I were hosting at our house).  But, regardless of all of these factors – we had an excellent Christmas Eve and day.   Here’s the run down…

Christmas Eve:  Snowed pretty much the entire day

We had a total of 8 of us at the house, and that’s alot because our place isn’t that big.  We created a major seafood feast for dinner.  It was awesome!  We had Dungeness crab, Alaskan King crab legs, fried oysters, shrimp cocktail, and steamed clams with bread for dipping.  It seriously was so delicious, and everyone was satisfied and stuffed.  And that doesn’t include the yummy banana creme delight dessert. 

Xmas dinner Xmas Eve - friends

From left top box (clockwise): Ty and Ian, Christine and Micah, Mike and Jonah, Lisa and Tera

After dinner, we pretty much just played games all night long.  And those that know me, know that I LOVE GAMES!!!  We played Scattegories, a new game called “This or That” and hours and hours of a card game called Mafia.  It’s too hard to explain, but it was so much fun.  We all stayed up into the wee hours playing games.  Very fun – I love spending nights playing games with friends. 

Xmas Eve- games

Christmas Day:  Snowed pretty much the entire day

So, Tera (hoping for it to be a surprise)  had ordered three live Maine lobsters and they were (supposed to be) delivered to the house.  But with the massive snowfall, those deliveries were all delayed.  The idea was to eat them on Christmas Eve, but instead – FedEx called on Christmas Day and said if we wanted, we could come pick up the package ourselves at the local distribution center (about 5 miles from our house).  Tera (with her huge truck) and I went to go pick up the precious cargo.  Fortunately, the lobsters were still alive – because apparently, if they are dead and you cook and eat them – well, that’s not good.  This is the part where some people might find it cruel and unusual punishment to put alive lobsters into boiling hot water – which essentially kills and cooks them.  Ian and Jonah did all the dirty work – but all of us were quite interested in these live lobsters.

Xmas lobsters

During Christmas Day, we were once again stuck at the house.  So what do we do?  We play more games!!!  And we feast!!!  Ian and Jonah decided to be adventurous and made lobster bisque.  Yeah, just looked up a recipe and made it – starting with homemade lobster stock (from the shells).  And Christine made homemade chili and katsu chicken and pork (Japanese dishes).  So yummy!!

Rory and Jessica (and Riley) joined us for dinner that night, and joined in on more Mafia playing.  It was great.  Another super delicious dinner with friends, and more game playing.  Doesn’t get too much better than that!

Xmas Day

Day after Christmas:  Snowed part of the day, but were finally able to safely leave the house

We were finally able to drive Mike, Ty, et. al back to their apartment in Kirkland on Friday afternoon.  I’m sure they appreciated being able to shower and wear a change of clothes!  Tera, Micah, and I – we were going to go see a movie that day – but the snow started up again, and we opted to postpone for Saturday.  Instead, we watched The Dark Knight on DVD (Tera hadn’t seen yet) and then got ready for a potluck that night at our friend, Adrian’s condo. 

At his place, we ate, played games (cards and Rock Band), and just hung out.  I drank, for the first time, a hot buttered rum – yummy! 

Xmas at ADs


Saturday we were able to finally go watch a movie.  We went and watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.  We all agreed – good movie, but extremely long!!!  It felt a little Forrest Gumpish in the way the story was told.  But we also acknowledged that the movie was 3 hours long, b/c it had to be that long….otherwise, we would have missed alot of depth in the storyline.

Following the movie, we were all tired and just went back to our house and played lots of Dr. Mario on the Nintendo Wii – I’m talking LOTS of playing – until 3 in the morning actually.  We love that game!



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