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Cool things of 2010 – No. 8

#8. Our wedding officiant is sort of a TV star

Micah’s very good friend from high school, Blake, is going to be the officiant at our wedding (yep, he’s ordained and everything).  And about 5 weeks ago, an episode of the new TV show Hawaii 5-0 aired…and he was totally in it (and for quite a long time I might add).  It was sooooo cool to watch! 

blake in hawaii 5-0

Catch him in Hawaii 5-0 “Lead Hunter” – you can’t miss him.  He’s in the first couple minutes of the show!

Cool things of 2010 – No. 6 and 7

#6. Micah played some football for a Korean team

And by football, I mean American-style football.  Although he only got to play in one game, it was really fun for him.  And, of course, he was awesome in his debut as a Daegu Phoenix.


You can read the original blog post here and watch his highlights video.

#7. I ran a 10k in Korea!

It was crazy, chaotic, and cold.  But definitely memorable.  And my blog post about it – which you can read here – was apparently so interesting to readers of the world, that my posting got about 1600 “hits” in one day.  My blog even made the frontpage of for the day – which is pretty cool to me.


Cool things of 2010 – No. 4 and 5

I have an ever growing list of “Cool things” to share with you – so I better kick it into high gear, and possibly combine a few here and there.  Here are a couple of super cool sites I found and follow:

#4. Workin’ on my fitness

Around the early part of 2010, I stumbled upon  It’s totally changed revolutionized how I work out. 

Let’s just say the Korean gym near our apt wasn’t cutting it.  And I was tired of just running all the time.  I needed a change up and something I could do at home.  So one day, I was just searching around for some fitness videos on YouTube and came across some Bodyrock videos.  And I was intrigued.  They were different types of moves I hadn’t done, and it looked challenging…and it totally was.  I was hooked from the beginning!

I do these workouts about 4 to 5 times a week (honestly).  And I seriously believe I’m in the best shape ever – even better than when I was doing hardcore marathon training (which I have vowed to never do again!)

I love how the workouts don’t require much equipment (or none at all if you want), they can be easily adapted, and they are short and to the point.  Plus, all the workouts are free.  It’s easy to follow on their site.  I wrote about on my blog before.

I’ve even got some of my friends to try the workouts too and/or workout with me.

#5. Cookin’ ideas galore

I have a few baking and cooking blogs I follow.  I love getting inspiration to cook tasty, but relatively easy-to-make dishes.  The absolute best one is  It’s just a round-up of recipes featured on blogs all over the blogosphere.  When I’m looking for inspiration (and even when I’m not), I just head over there and scroll through all the awesome pictures.  I’ve collected TONS of recipes from this site…many of which are still in the “queue” to be made.  I wrote about it earlier here.

Cool things of 2010 – No. 3

Already on to #3 for my Cool things of 2010:

I guess this isn’t really that cool – anyone can be on YouTube.  But way back when we were living in Greenlake (for the four months prior to leaving for Korea), the apartment complex managers at Circa Greenlake asked us to be in their promotional video for the complex. 

We really liked living there – so we agreed.  It was just a short cameo – us pretending to play cards with each other while lounging on the patio chairs  (which we actually did quite often for real when we lived there).

We never ended up checking back on their website to see if we made the “final cut.”  But I ran into the apt manager the other day, and he told us we had.  And although we filmed this back in the summer of 2009, it didn’t get onto the website until 2010.  Oh yeah! 

See if you can spot us Smile

Hint…we are at the very very end.

Cool things of 2010 – No. 2

So, this actually did happen in 2010 (as opposed to my previous posting).

Micah and I spent nearly two weeks in Australia in February 2010.  One of the best things we ate…a turkey sandwich with avocadoSeriously.  We hadn’t eaten just a regular delicious deli sandwich for months, let alone avocado – so this sandwich was heaven!

But that’s not the cool thing.  Here’s the cool thing I learned:

#2. Spreading avocado like a condiment on your sandwich

avocado spread

Spread it with a knife!  The only way to do it.  Thank you Aussie sandwich shop.

avocado not spread

If you don’t spread, you end up with a slice of avocado in your lap…and uneven avocado distribution when you take your bites.  Who wants that?  I know!

Cool things of 2010 – No. 1

Since it’s nearly 2011, I figured I should do as all the other gazillion blog writers out there are doing – and pay some type of homage to the year 2010. 

I’ll avoid doing some sort of “best of” and “worst of” list – and rather, just simply post some cool shiz I (and/or Micah) did, learned, played, ate, etc. etc. 

It’ll be a random smattering of blog posts for the next couple of days…so stay tuned. Smile

However, let’s start off with something cool that happened just shy of 2010.

#1. Micah and I got engaged on 12/13/09. 

Me and my bling.

Where in the world…

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