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4 days and counting

Pack. Clean. Move. We have been working like dogs trying to get our place packed up, all the rooms cleaned, and shopping around for some furniture and appliances we’d like to have right away. It’s been busy – but we are making great progress.

We start moving in on Thursday this week. Yippee!! This weekend, we fully packed and cleaned two bathrooms – and those are officially off limits. Our entire kitchen is packed and cleaned (with exception of the food stored in the fridge). We are using disposable cups, plates and utensils. And we cooked our very last meal today (delicious chili) so that we could “sunset” our stove, oven, and microwave. It may seem premature for some, but with our schedules – this was one way to help us streamline the gettin’ out, so that we can enjoy the gettin’ in.


With all this packing – it literally does feel like we are living in a box. They are everywhere!


No more gas

One more week – and we’ll be official homeowners! We are SO excited to be leaving our rental – and all the crabby, noisy, rude, disrespectful, foul-mouthed neighbors that live all around us. (Granted, some of our neighbors are great…emphasis on the some).

Despite our jubilation for bee-lining it outta here – I must admit there is one thing I will really miss about our place. Our gas stovetop.

We’ve been cooking with gas for a while now (even in Korea we had a gas stove top), and it’s going to be hard to give it up. Plus, I always felt that cooking with gas made you a more legit cook – too much Food Network I suppose.

We do plan on renovating our kitchen in the new house – and at that point, we’ll definitely pipe in a gas line and have a nice range. But that won’t happen for a few years. So, we’ll just have to go back to…good ol’ electricity.

The park as my gym

When we were out lounging at the park and soaking up some rays – I got the sudden urge to also workout. I thought, “why not?” I see people working out at the park all the time – be it individuals or groups doing outdoor boot camp classes. Plus, kids do it all the time – don’t they call it a jungle gym? Plus, it was such a nice day that working out on the soft grass and in the sunny weather didn’t quite feel like “working out.”

As you might know, I’m quite the avid Bodyrocker – which gives me a plethora of exercises from which I can put together a nice little workout and without the need for any equipment. So I pulled out my iPhone, wrote down some exercises and used the handy dandy Gymboss Interval iPhone app to help me keep time.


You can program this however you like – it’s pretty nice. And perfect for on the go.

Luckily, the park we went to was fairly light – just a few people here and there. So I could focus on my own workout and not think about people watching me (I don’t do so good with an audience). It was fun – I definitely will do it again and the best part…my workout was done for the day!

jump tuck

Jump tuck!!

A true SUNday

What a perfect day – sunny, warm, and no work! That meant all play for us. Happy Mother’s Day too!!

We are starting to finally get some warm weather in Seattle – which is awesome. People start to perk up and some of that Seattle “nice ice” starts to meltaway (ok, that may not be true, but people certainly seem to be more happy and friendly when it’s sunny out).

Note: Click here if you don’t know what I’m referring to by Seattle nice ice. It’s an old article, but gives you a good idea of what this odd phenomenon is about.

Micah and I took advantage of the beautiful rays emitted by that shiny glowing orb in the sky – and had a picnic in the park.

micah sun

Micah’s always happiest when it’s “take your shirt off” kind of weather

We dusted off our bikes, picked up a yummy bahn mi sandwich and spring rolls, and had ourselves some good eating, reading, and lounging time. It was perfect! We are hoping for this kind of weather from here on out!

Our house hunting days are over

I wish we had kept stats on our house hunting efforts. We started actively pursuing buying a house about 11 months ago. I can say we have literally viewed online 1,000+ houses. We could probably count on one hand the number of days we didn’t check out houses. We have visited in person probably 50+ houses. And during this time, there were three houses we really wanted.

House 1: A short-sale in the Maple Leaf area of Seattle. It was a slim chance this would work out – so we didn’t put an offer on it.

House 2: A beautiful house – also in the Maple Leaf area with amazing front windows. We did put an offer on this house. I was in Salt Lake at the time, so I never actually got to see the house – other than pictures. We didn’t get it.

House 3: BINGO! With only two days on the market, it had four offers. And with a little bit of luck (aka – working our numbers again), we got it!

Here are some basic details:

We are about ten or so miles northeast of downtown Seattle. It’s a BIG mid-century house – four bedrooms and two bathrooms. We move in a couple weeks!

Would you like to see some pictures? Warning – these are pics with the house all staged. It’s all smoke and mirrors.

House x 4


House x 4 -2

It’s not a fixer-upper by any means. But there is quite a bit of work to be done. The house is newer than most we had been looking at – but even still, we need right away – a new roof and windows. And we’ll be spending the summer painting the exterior and working on stuff in the inside.

If you want to see the rest of the rooms – I guess you’ll have to come over!

Checking in…

Hi guys! It’s uh, been awhile. Let’s just say, it’s been a crazy few months and my blog had to go on the backburner. I’m going to try REALLY hard to not let it go unattended for so long in the future.

There’s been LOTS going on! My last post was over two months ago! Since then:

  • We went to Vancouver, Canada for a weekend getaway – filled with yummy eats, shopping, sightseeing and just general lounging. It was great!
  • We went to Mexico for our Gabe and Charissa’s wedding – post to come
  • I was in Salt Lake City for 10 days for work – it’s a really fun city with great food, pretty impressive architecture, and friendly people
  • We found a house we loved (that I never set foot in). And we didn’t get it. The sellers went with someone else.
  • I was working like a freaking dog – I’m seriously not kidding. I worked EVERY single day, including Saturdays and Sundays for a month straight
  • We started up flag football again – it’s been fun to get out there
  • My car got broken into!
  • AND finally…we BOUGHT A HOUSE!!! More to come on that for sure.

I’m not gonna lie. It hasn’t been an easy few months. Work has pretty much filled up all my time and energy – and that’s tough for me given that I was looking for more work/life balance when I left my old job. But I’m EXTREMELY lucky to have Micah – as he has been there to handle all the stuff I can’t…which has been a lot!!!

Not quite so fast

So just a couple days ago, I was sharing how we had less than two months left in our townhouse – as the owners were choosing to sell this place.

Well, we just heard from our landlord and she let us know the owners have decided to let us go month-to-month on our lease. YAY!!! That’s a huge relief. It buys us some time, but doesn’t mean they won’t change their mind.

So for now, we’ll keep on hardcore looking for a house – and not consider renting just yet. Come on house…where are you???!!!

Where in the world…

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