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4 years from now…

I saw an interesting article about celebrating Leap Day by eating a meal you’d only have every four years. Unfortunately, I just read this article and Leap Day is nearly over…and I had your pretty generic run of the mill meals today. Nothing memorable.

I wish I had done something to mark this day…something I could reflect upon four years from now. Instead, I spent most of the day doing what I do most other days – working. But perhaps I can prognosticate about what I think our life will be the next time Leap Day rolls around.

Four years from now…

  • Micah and I will have a house!
  • We will still both be working for Nordstrom
  • We will have travelled internationally (I’m thinking Europe)
  • We will have another niece or nephew (not saying from who)
  • We will still be active and in as good of shape as we are today
  • We won’t be driving the same cars we are today
  • We will have gone bungee-jumping, skydiving – or something similar

It’s really hard to do this. What would you predict for yourself four years from now?

Another challenge bites the dust

February…we started a little rough, but in the end – I persevered. So my 31 day challenge this month (which technically, doesn’t end for me until Friday), was to take my vitamins daily. Sure, not a big deal for some – but I’m awful about doing this. And given that, ahem, we aren’t getting any younger – it’s a good thing to make this sort of behavior a habit.

Yes, I missed a couple of days…but that was it. Multi-vitamin – check! Fish oil – check! B-12 – check!

I do plan on continuing this on and with the same consistency I had during my challenge.

March will be an interesting month given that:

  • Micah and I are going to Vancouver this weekend
  • Micah and I will be in Mexico for 5 days later in the month (for our friend’s wedding) YAY!!!
  • And when we return, I’ll immediately head off to Utah for work for 9 nights/10 days.

So in lieu of quantity of days, I’m choosing to focus on intensity of the challenge. Plus, I gotta get in beach shape!

So for my March “31” day challenge – which will start after our Vancouver trip and end when we leave for Mexico, and restart when we return – is a hybrid of some of my past challenges:

  • No sweets
  • No meat (but fish and seafood ok)
  • Workout 5 or more days a week (this I’ll continue without any stoppage)

Yes, it may sound a little screwy with my start/stop/start/stop. But in total it will be 23 days. AND…as I always say, “this is my challenge, my rules!!” Smile

The deadly office corner

This is what lurks nearby my desk. On a long, stressful day (and usually one where I’ve had no time to eat lunch), I often find myself making a pit stop at one of the many deadly office corners.


Not sure why it’s Halloween everyday in our building…but guaranteed, if you are in need of some sugar, there’s a solution to that just a few steps and a corner away.

On the move

The other day, we came home to find a note on our door. This note, for all intensive purposes, said GET LOST! We are getting the boot. Sayonara. We will have to vacate our townhouse rental by the end of April. Sad smile

The letter was actually a bit more professionally written, and granted, our landlords have been quite accommodating – allowing us to renew our lease for three month periods. And since we are still heavy in the hunt for a house, it’s been really great knowing we can keep living where we are and just renew for short periods of time.

Well, that time is over! The owners are selling this unit when our lease is up.

So that gives us essentially TWO months to either find a house, buy it, close, and move in. Or find a place to rent and potentially put house buying on hold for a little bit. Either way, we are hittin’ the road. And either way, we have to start packing!!


Given the craziness that will ensure over the next couple of months – we have already started doing a bit of packing. We figure we’ll have to do it at some point and we might as well pack up the stuff we know we won’t have to use in the short term.

Ahh…I hate moving. We are hoping some amazing house comes onto the market in the next couple of weeks. We really would love moving…if it were into our house…that we bought! We have set our deadline…and if we find a house, GREAT…if not, then we rent. We absolutely don’t want to settle just because of our current situation. Wish us luck!!

Beer 101

Micah is a certified beer maker. Well, more like – he took a class and learned all the in’s and out’s of real beer making and came home with this awesome kit.


Apparently he came home with a high-top hair cut too.

He purchased a Groupon for a beer making class and finally got around to taking it. The class was through Mountain Home Brew in Kirkland. It was a 3 hour class where the students received detailed instruction on how to correctly brew beer.

Now, you might recall that Micah has been doing a bit of home brewing via his Mr. Beer kit. And there have been some pretty tasty results from his efforts. But apparently, that’s not real beer making. And if you tell real beer makers about your Mr. Beer kit – just wait for the eye rolls.

Micah did score this pretty sweet kit – complete with a bunch of supplies and equipment that I have no idea their specific purpose. But once he finishes using up all his Mr. Beer supplies, he’ll try a bit of beer making 100% from scratch. It’ll be interesting to see if there’s really a difference in taste.

Right now, Micah is brewing up a batch of Mr. Beer Irish Stout – it should be ready just in time for St. Patrick’s Day. Did someone say…black and tans? Smile

Our perfect staycation celebration

As you know, Micah and I just celebrated our 1 year anniversary. Woo hoo! We opted to spend the weekend over in downtown Bellevue…which is a mere 20 miles away. But it was the perfect setting to relax and celebrate!

Since we are quite familiar with that area of town, we felt no obligation to go out and sightsee. We already know the streets and general direction of things, so there was no looking at maps and figuring out where to go. We already knew the restaurants we wanted to try out, so there was no fumbling trying to determine dress codes, hours of operation, etc. We thoroughly got to enjoy our upgraded suite at the Hyatt – which is conveniently connected via skybridge to all the places we wanted to go. We never had to get in our car…everything was in walking distance. Again, totally perfect!


Since the general setting wasn’t very new to us, we made sure to make it feel new by trying out all these great places around us.

Hotel: The Hyatt Bellevue in downtown is really nice. The employees are all very friendly, and if you go over the weekend – it’s actually less busy (since most business travelers will be gone). They were completely willing to give us a complimentary upgrade to a suite –which was sweet! They have an awesome gym and a heated lap pool – both of which we took advantage of.

Blue C Sushi: The happy hour here is great! And the green tea is amazing! We got here for early happy hour,  which was a late lunch for us. But had some delicious sushi at great prices.

Comedy Room at Parlor Lounge: We tried something new and went to a comedy show. The Parlor Room has a great venue for this. We bought tickets online, got a little dressed up, and had some great drinks and laughs.

Daniel’s Broiler: We headed here for late night happy hour after the comedy show. It was packed! But we found some tables and feasted on some raw oysters and steak bites. A great way to more affordably eat at this top steak restaurant.

Din Tai Fung: I was super excited to eat here. This place has been open for over a year, but the lines out the door and wait times have barely decreased. But since we were about a 3 minute walk away, we were able to easily get in line right before the restaurant opened for the day. We feasted on absolutely delicious wonton and dumplings. YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


These bad boys are pure bites of awesomeness. We ordered two of these – sooo delish!!!

Purple Wine Bar: After a good nap, work out, and general laziness – we headed out for happy hour again for our late lunch. (Another bonus of this area – so many places have awesome happy hours over the weekend). I’ve been to Purple several times before, but never for happy hour. We thoroughly enjoyed it. They have amazing food and wine pairings for a really decent price. Plus, they have THE BEST BREAD AND BUTTER EVER! We couldn’t stop ourselves!


So amazing…we asked for a second round!

El Gaucho: This was the last leg of our feasting anniversary weekend. We went here for late night happy hour – and had such an amazing meal. El Gaucho is one of the premiere steak and seafood restaurants in Seattle (with two locations: Seattle and Bellevue). The food here ain’t cheap – and neither of us have eaten here before. But for happy hour – you can get some amazing drinks (I loved my dirty martini for $6) and amazing food (spicy, tender steak bites. MMMM!!). Plus, since it was for our anniversary, we had to try the banana bread pudding.


So delicious! Even Micah was savoring every bite!

So that is the end. We filled in the times between eating with all sorts of lounging, shopping, TV watching, book reading, and sleeping. It was awesome! With our crazy and hectic lives of lately – this was the most perfect way for us to celebrate! Too bad that once we got home, I immediately had to work. Boooo!

One year already!?


The year has flew by…but we have loved every day and every minute of it. Being married is awesome!

If only we could celebrate every anniversary by being in Hawaii or someplace else tropical…alas, that is not a possibility.

However, we are currently spending our anniversary lounging about, relaxing, and enjoying a good meal over in Bellevue. We opted to use some rewards points for a nice hotel and spend a couple days outside of our house. With our crazy life these past couple of months – nothing says love more than allowing yourself to be lazy bums!!


Such a fun day for us!

P.S. In case you are wondering – that top picture is from some wedding pictures we had taken while we lived in Korea. I’ll blog more about that later.

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