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Happy campers with hot dog comas

Over 4th of July weekend, Micah and I went with a bunch of other friends camping!  It’s something we haven’t done in at least three years, although we really do enjoy it.


Shocking, I know.  Micah with his shirt ON. Smile

With our car PACKED (literally, we had the whole back part of the SUV stuffed, plus Micah, me, Tarah, Anthony and their dog Romy), we set off to Lake Connor Park (a private camping/RV area in where our friends own a camping plot).

We had so much fun!!!  I’ll call it Camping Light.  We had the requisite camping elements: tent, fire, S’mores, hot dogs, more hot dogs, beer, and oh yeah…more hot dogs.  But this camping area also had indoor plumbing (YAY!), hot showers (where you did not need to feed it quarters), and even a…swimming pool. 

About those hot dogs… Each couple was assigned a different meal (smart, right?).  Well, nobody really communicated what they were bringing…so..tada!  HOT DOG central.  We even had them for breakfast one morning.  Our poor bodies were loaded with sodium and lips & a**holes (please, did somebody get this movie reference??!!)  On the bright side, I got to try a veggie dog (quite delish), and a number of spicy, cheese-filled varieties (also quite yummy).


Don’t eat me.

And I must have missed the memo, but apparently S’mores have been inadequate for many people all these years.  Three people in the group brought the newest thing in S’mores…GIANT marshmallows. 

giant marshmallows

Marshmallow on the left…yeah, a good three to four times the size of your typical marshmallow (on the right).  Picture credit: All in a Day’s Quirks

Seriously, these marshmallows were ridiculous!!!  One gigantor-size mallow is apparently designed to fill an entire graham cracker (because you know, it’s such a hassle splitting the graham in two). Smile

You might be shocked to know…I didn’t try these marshmallows.  I just couldn’t bring myself to eat them.  I’m more than perfectly happy with my good ol’ S’mores and didn’t feel like crazy amounts of gooey marshmallow dripping all over my face and fingers was something I needed to experience.  However, all my fellow campers were LOVING these bad boys (and didn’t care that crazy amounts of gooey marshmallow was dripping all over their faces and fingers)Luckily, someone else had brought the regular size marshmallows…that I thoroughly enjoyed!

We are planning another camping trip for later in the summer…no hot dogs allowed!  Well, maybe just one package. Smile

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