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This past week I spent a few days in Chicago for work.  I actually enjoy going to Chicago because I think it’s a fantastic city – and if you get to explore the town on the company-dime…even better!

Unfortunately, this recent trip I was riddled with the cough of death – which led to absolute sleep deprivation.  So even though outside was a good 80+ degrees and amazing sunny weather, I was in my hotel room either working or trying to sleep and eventually giving up and doing more work.

But…this trip was still a success!  Here are three awesome things from my Chicago trip:

1. Stumbling upon Coconut Twix at the nearby drugstore


Hello lover!  Yeah, Twix is my FAVORITE candy bar and this just happens to be a new flavor.  It’s really tasty.  And, it’s not available everywhere yet (I’ve looked).  Booooo!

2. A super awesome M&M wall dispenser


This thing is so cool (it happened to be hanging on the wall at the focus group facility I happened to be doing work at).  It lays flat against the wall, but turn the crank and pull the lid open a little bit, and plop, plop, plop – out come the goodies!  I was very entertained by this – and in sugar shock by the end of the night Smile

3. Delectable lunch at Wow Bao


Wow Bao is an AWESOME chain (only found in Chicago) that has these AMAZING (and super cute) steamed bao aka bun that comes with delicious meat filling.  They are soft and pillowy, and…yum, yum, yum.  A location just happened to be right across from my hotel.  It was meant to be. (This is my second time to Wow Bao as my first time was with a trip with Micah and Tera – we were on a mission to find this place!!)

If it weren’t for the blistering cold, bitterly awful winters – I’d totally want to move to Chicago.  Who wouldn’t with all this awesome stuff they have there!!?

Year In Review: Escape from Chi-town

Micah and I attended a wedding of one of his Hawaii friends, Ryan, who happens to live in Chicago (one of my favorite cities).  As amazing as Chicago is (and I am referring to the spring/summer time only, as I haven’t been during the bitter winter), the weather has quite a temper – and the O’Hare airport is at its mercy.  This year in review also happens to double as another edition of: Lisa and Micah’s Traveling Mishaps.

Chi-town wedding: July 31st – (supposed to have been Aug. 3rd, but ended up being Aug. 5th)

Here’s the gist: Delayed several hours just getting into Chicago and happened to land, right as the rehearsal dinner we were to attend was getting started.  But through some tricky maneuvering, we managed to make it to the rehearsal dinner in time.  The weather was sunny and beautiful and got to meet up with friends to check out Chinatown (ate dim sum), go to the beach (yes! they have miles of sandy beach) and then went to the wedding Friday night.  Hands down the fanciest wedding I’ve ever been too.  Very beautiful and really really fun.  Not to mention a fabulous wedding cake.  Ended that night with a memorable trip to Weinerschnitzel for some Chicago hotdogs.  Our friends left the next day, but Micah and I were staying one more time. We did some beach lounging, city touring and had our first Ethiopian meal – it was delish.  We had a great time and were ready to leave Chicago.

But…Chicago did not want us to leave.  We show up to the airport and find ourselves with an oversold flight and no seat for me. We volunteer to give up our seats (weird considering I never had one, but oh well) and in turn are guaranteed first class seats (woo hoo) on the flight to Seattle the next morning. Plus, hotel, meal vouchers and two ticket vouchers. Great deal right?  Given that our luggage was on its way to Seattle without us, Micah and I managed to have a great time lounging at the hotel and feeling quite proud of the awesome deal we just snagged. 

Begin Lisa and Micah’s Traveling Mishaps:  We wake up the next morning and it’s storming…not just a little rain, but full on thunder, lightening, the works.  Great.  To sum up the next two days: not one, but two cancelled flights b/c of mechanical problems.  Weather delays all the flights so bad, that we wait in the customer service line for 4 straight hours and stuck at the airport for 16 hours.  Have to stay another night in Chicago – in a hotel (that United paid for) but was a $50 cab ride away – in the same clothes we’ve been in for two days.  We wake up to a message saying our flight home is cancelled and barely make it on a different flight home.  Fortunately, the airline attendant took pity on us and fed us numerous drinks the entire plane ride home.  I’ve never worn the exact same clothes for three straight days – it was a new and interesting experience. 

Grade: Prior to being stuck at the airport: ‘A’…which quickly turns into a ‘D’ once we were stuck.  Not an ‘F’ since we did come out of the whole shebang with two ticket travel vouchers.

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