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GMC #3: Chicken with green curry sauce

I’m continuing my quest to try new recipes that call for garam masala and thus, will allow me to use up my huge bag of this spice.  (Click on the links to read about Garam Masala Challenge 1 and 2)

I can thank the Food Network, specifically Quick Fix Meals with Robin Miller, for my GMC #3.  I was folding some laundry when my little ears perked up at the sound of “garam masala.”  Instantly, I put the laundry on pause (as opposed to pausing the TV) to see how she was going to use this delicious spice.

So I bring you…well, actually, I direct to you…Robin Miller’s Chicken with green curry sauce.  It’s super easy to make, quite tasty, and in a pinch…is fairly Thai tasting (in that very Americanized Thai sort of way).

Unfortunately, I didn’t capture the steps when I made it…but seriously, just follow the recipe and you’re good to go.  I just put it over plain white rice, but be as fancy pants as you like.

Hint: Always read the reviews on any recipe – often times reader’s will suggest great alternatives or additions to make the recipe even better.  Or, if there are only 1 or 2 stars…skip it and search for something else!

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