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Winner winner chicken dinner

For no particular reason at all, I decided to roast a chicken and make creamy polenta.  These are two things I’ve never made before – as they are daunting and a bit intimidating to make.  But, I made an AMAZING dinner….Micah was happy.

For the chicken, I turned to my favorite food site Tastespotting to find the perfect recipe.  I landed on a Lemon & Herb Roasted Chicken recipe – easy to prep, easy to cook, and an oh so delicious result.

IMAG0113 (2)

In addition to the delicious roast vegetables that cooked in tandem with the chicken, I also made some polenta.  Mainly because I just watched an episode of America’s Test Kitchen and they had made creamy polenta – and what do you know, I had polenta in my cupboard.  It too is easy to make.  But, if you want that recipe, go to their site and sign up (it’s free).  They only share for free the recipes from the current season of episodes airing.  Boooo.

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