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Crock Pot-Luck

I am always down for a good potluck, and how could I refuse this ultimate of potlucks…Crock Pot style?!

The premise is simple – whatever you bring has to have been made in a crock pot. 

jodie and JK

YUMMY!  The one on the top is a Taiwanese pork soup with bok choy and tea eggs (hard-boiled) made by Jodie.

The pot on the bottom holds a spicy meatball filling – that went with yummy soft bread buns and cheese.  Jessica made this one.


Mike made a coca-cola chicken dish.  A few simple ingredients…and a really delish dish.


And I opted for a Chicken Tikka Masala dish.  It’s incredibly easy to make (as long as you have all the ingredients) and was super tasty.  It let me use some of my still massive bag of garam masala!

Where in the world…

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