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Another chocolate-y, sugary day

Earlier this week, I met up with my friends (and now ex-coworkers) Deborah and Katie for some yummy lunch and delicious conversation (is that possible?)  We had some amazing savory-style crepes (pronounced “krep” not “craype”) at the cutest little restaurant in Ballard (Anita’s Crepes).  We of course had to follow that up with some tasty cupcakes at Cupcake Royale. 

And what do you know?  Valentine’s Day just happens to be right around the corner…which is the only time of the year Cupcake Royale makes their “Death by Chocolate” cupcake…which just happens to be on Seattle Magazines Best Dessert list.  Naturally, I ordered one ASAP!  But I decided to wait and eat it at home and instead ate their flavor of the month cupcake “caramel with sea salt” YUMM-Y!  It was damn good.  It’s not on the best dessert list, but it should be.

So I manage to wait until Thursday night to eat my Death by Chocolate cupcake.  I had just played a good hour of basketball right before that, so it only made sense to replenish my depleted energy.  Well, it was good…but just “eh” sort of good.  Was a little disappointed, but I managed to “choke” it down…every last crumb. 🙂

Now it’s Friday.  A fairly slow day here at work.  And very brrr outside.  I’ve actually been spending the past couple of hours fiddling with my new Blackberry Pearl phone.  (That deserves another posting all on its own).  With all the hard work I’ve put into today, I decided to eat some more…chocolate. I walk over to Dahlia Bakery and get the “Chocolate Truffle cookie” and the “Chocolate Pecan Butter Crunch” cookie.  I am told they are both on the Best Desserts list. 

I am back to my desk…I  have eaten both cookies already (no judging)…and I come to find out, only the truffle cookie is on the list!  I was duped!  So…I can only cross one cookie off.  Ironically, the non-listed cookie…was actually better (way better) than the listed cookie. Perhaps I should rethink my plan of sticking to the best dessert list.  Nah, I think I’ll go fiddle with my phone some more.  Desserts #13 and 14…CHECK!

Happy birthday Micah!

Today is Micah’s birthday!!  It’s also my dear friend, Deborah’s birthday as well.  Happy birthday to you both!  We woke up to snow on the ground this morning.  I’m pretty sure neither of them wished for that. 

So Micah and I both had to work today, and he wanted to keep his birthday low key.  So after work, we hit the gym and then headed to a Vietnamese restaurant in the Intl’ District.  It was called Binh Huong. I recently read some reviews on it and wanted to take Micah (knowing he would be game for trying authentic Vietnamese food, and would appreciate trying new types of dishes).  I can’t even begin to spell or pronounce the dishes we ate, but they were very delicious.  And the food is so cheap and yummy – that we ordered several things so we could try an array of dishes – and we have plenty of leftovers to boot.

For his birthday, I got Micah tickets to see The Lion King.  He loves musicals, and he hasn’t seen this one yet.  Everyone who has seen it, says it’s a fantastic production.  Naturally, I also got him the original Broadway cast recording of The Lion King on CD. 

Oh! And before we left Arizona on Monday, we stopped at this very cute cake shop called Nothing Bundt Cakes.  It’s in Scottsdale and they make…well, bundt cakes.  And they are delicious!  I couldn’t (nor shouldn’t) take back a full-size bundt cake, but they do make bundt-lets (mini-bundts) in all sorts of flavors.  I got him lemon, and Tera and I split a chocolate, chocolate chip bundt-let.  Yumm-y!  P.S. I’ll update my blog about the Arizona trip in the next few days.


Update: Dessert #12 down; construction craze

DESSERT:I have eaten my 12th “Best Dessert” – the Lemon Crunch cookie at Sugar Bakery & Cafe.  On a SLOW day at work this past Monday, I decided to walk to the bakery.  It was about a mile away (I figure it works off all the cookie calories).  I hadn’t been to the bakery before, but I know I’ll be back – it’s SO cute…and all of their desserts (especially the cupcakes) looked amazingly delicious! 

I exhibited some self-control – I got only the cookie on the Best Desserts list.  The cookie was really good – a sugar cookie with a lemony taste.  I loved the big sugar crystals sprinkled on top. 


CONSTRUCTION: Finally, our townhouse is getting a makeover!!  The reconstruction efforts started in our townhouse community a year ago – but it has taken that long to get to us.  So for the next two months – we’ll be getting new siding and new windows.  Other units will get more depending on if there’s any water damage or rotting wood-but our house doesn’t need much.   (Note: Apparently when the units were built, the construction company was faulty building some of the units – big lawsuit was filed by the HOA – years and years and years of court battles – finally a settlement was reached – and now we are getting the necessary repairs done.)

I’m excited for the new windows (apparently they make a big difference with sound and insulation) but the noise of the construction is LOUD!  I could use those windows now.

Another dessert down

Just a quick update.  On my mission to eat through Seattle’s “Best Desserts”  – I can cross another one off the list.  (Click here to view the post if you don’t know what I’m talking about)

I had the “Yama-Nana Pie” at the Japanese restaurant called Yama (located in Bellevue Galleria).  The pie was basically their version of a banana cream pie , but on an oreo crust and some caramelized banana slices as garnish.  It was really good, but nothing spectacular.  I felt it was something I could recreate fairly easily at home. 


Latest updates…

Update #1:  I am seriously bored at work – some days there’s a lot to do (which is actually kind of nice) – and then the next day there may be nothing to do.  But thus far, I keep coming in…just waiting for when a project comes my way.  And b/c I am still waiting with no work to do at the present moment…I post random updates on my blog.  Nice.

Update #2:  I just got back from meeting up with Micah for lunch.  He works about 9 blocks away from me. We try and meet up at least once a week for lunch – we like to call it “heat and meet” – since the majority of the time, we just bring leftovers from home (rather than eating out).  We take turns of who has to walk to the other person’s building, but again (see update #1) I’ve been doing more walking recently.

Sorry – back to the update.  I can cross off 2 more “best desserts” off my list.  I took a detour to Dahlia Bakery on my way to Micah’s building.  I picked up a Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookie and a Coconut Cream Pie (relax…it was just a small two-biter…not the exact one described in the magazine, but it will suffice).  I, of course, shared with Micah.  Both were delicious.  The PB cookie was like a Nutter Butter on crack (I say that in a good way)…and the coconut cream pie was light and delish.  Thumbs up.   Sorry, no pics of the desserts – they were gobbled up too quickly.

Update #3:  I played basketball last night…1.5 hours of basketball.  Each Thursday night there is a women’s open gym.  It’s nice, fun, and it’s exercise!  A relaxed, non-competitive environment where we can just play ball with other ladies (sorry – not that fun playing with guys who are most of the time, just ball hogs!)  Anyways, I was exhuasted!  I am SO glad I did some playing yesterday, since the winter basketball season starts in about 2 weeks.  I need the practice! 

Update #4:  I haven’t been so good with book club lately.  I did not read the current pick for my girl’s book club The Road.  Honestly, I heard it was really boring – yet it was named by Entertainment Weekly as one of the top 100 books of the last 20 years.  I probably should read it…but I won’t even be around for book club in January b/c of the Sister’s Getaway trip (i.e. probably won’t read it). But I am almost done with the book Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell.  I have found it to be quite interesting and fascinating.  If you read Freakonomics and liked the concept of taking an idea or a statistic and finding alternative ways of explaining it through research – then you would like Outliers.  One idea talked about in the book is that it takes 10,000 hours of practice to achieve mastery of something.  And this idea holds true for sports, musicians, businesspeople, chess players, etc. etc.  If that little tidbit has intrigued you…then read the book!

Update #5:  This isn’t really an update, more just news to share.  My friend Martha (who I’ve been friends with since my first day of setting foot on the WSU campus) is getting married!  And she not only asked me to be a bridesmaid, but her maid of honor!  I was really surprised and very touched by her request.  I, of course, said yes!  I did tell her I was a little worried about being able to fulfill all the MOH duties because of Micah and I potentially living abroad when she gets married.  But no worries, one of the other bridesmaids will help out, and has such, been promoted to Matron of Honor (sunce she’s married already)!

Sweet! My new mission for the year (or however long it takes)

I present to you, the November 2008 edition of Seattle Magazine.  (My apologies to epicenter fitness – with a title such as “Best Desserts” – the magazine was pretty much begging me to steal it off the rack as I was leaving the gym today).

So…Seattle Magazine has listed the best 95 desserts in the Seattle area.  What qualifies as “dessert” is diverse – it has a special section for ‘all things chocolate,’ ‘cookies,’ ‘things made with lemon,’ ‘best cupcakes,’ etc. etc.

The point of this blog posting is that upon scouring the pages of best desserts – I realized…I’m missing out MAJOR here!!!  I’ve barely scraped the surface of what the magazine is considering the best desserts.  And I LOVE DESSERTS!!! 

However, I am pleased to say that I have eaten all the different types of cupcakes listed in the “Best Cupcake” section – cupcakes are sort of an obsession of mine. (Including the very delicious Smores’ cupcake seen on the cover of the mag).

So…back to my point of this blog.  I am going to try and eat through this list of best desserts.  NOTE: The cakes and pies described in the mag that you can only buy whole, not a slice – those are being excluded (too expensive – unless I buy for a party or something).  I am keeping it to things I can buy on my own and eat on my own (although I may share from time to time). 

I’ll keep you posted on my progress.  Best Cupcakes…done and done!!  Yummy eats!!

Last thought: Hmmm…I may need to combine a mandatory workout with each dessert conquest.

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