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Kangaroos, koalas, and wombats…oh my!

Day: 4

Location: Outside Sydney (Featherdale Wildlife Park and Blue Mountains)

Event: Blue Mountains Wildlife Day Tour (

First stop: Featherdale Wildlife Park

With both of us FINALLY feeling better, we hopped on the tour bus early in the morning and headed first to the Featherdale Wildlife Park.  It’s about an hour drive from Sydney. 


Since we were doing this as part of a tour package, we only had about 45 minutes to see the park.  I could have easily spent at least another hour there, but there were a lot of other activities planned for the day.

The tour package included admission to the park, so I’m not sure how much it is to go here.  But unlike some other wildlife parks around the country, at Featherdale, you can go up to the kangaroos and koalas, and take as many pictures as you want and hand feed them (at no additional cost). 

We got to see a lot of Australian wildlife that I’ve never seen in person before: kangaroos, wallabies, koalas, dingos, wombats, a Tasmanian devil, etc.  Since we were there first thing in the morning, we were able to get around to see most everything in the short amount of time. 


The kangaroos (and emus who like to sneak up on you) love eating the ice cream cones filled with grassy stuff.


I would definitely say this is a “must visit” place for anyone who’ll be visiting the Sydney area. 

Next stop: Blue Mountains and surrounding area

The rest of the day was comprised of driving around to view the scenic sights of the Blue Mountains: Wentworth Falls, Three Sisters, National Park, etc. and a stop off for lunch in the middle. 


The rock formation (above) is called the Three Sisters


 Last stop: Olympic Village (home of the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games)

A quick stop-off to see the home base of the 2000 Olympic Games, and then off to catch a ferry boat on the Parramatta River ending in Sydney Harbour.


This is where the Olympic Torch was burning during the games.

A really enjoyable tour, with a really fun tour guide.  We were able to see some great sights outside of Sydney.

Where in the world…

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