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Week 2 of flag football

So despite us both being a bit laggard this past Sunday (we had just gotten back from our Oktoberfest trip), Micah and I geared up for our second flag football game. 

Team Boom

Team BOOM!  I’m not too fond of the purple jerseys (yick..Husky colors!) but the people are great!

The rain threatened to come down on us, but never did (but did as soon as our game finished).  And we won (32 to 12)!!  Micah played great, as usual!  And I threw a nice extra point conversion.  So, we are now 2-0…which is a better record than some of my fantasy football teams right now.

Flags, football, fun

Somehow, someway, Micah and I are now playing on a co-ed flag football team (which is a little surprising considering Micah has never had much interest in playing “that” level of football).  We had our first game over the weekend – and we won!  For Micah (of course), flag football is child’s play.  But for me, well…I’ve never played it before.  Sure, I can throw a football around for fun, but a football player that does not make. 

So I wasn’t sure what to expect for our first game.  And since it’s co-ed, three girls have to be on the field at all times.  We had exactly three girls.  I played the whole time.  Fortunately, I caught on quick enough…and had a really fun time!

We actually both played really well.  Micah scored two touchdowns and had one interception.  I had zero touchdowns and no interceptions.  But…I did have three good catches.  Smile

micah_flag fball

You’d think Micah (a former football player) would have all the right gear.  Smile

Where in the world…

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