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We see Sydney

Day: 2

Location: Sydney CBD (Central Business District)

Event: Exploring the major city attractions

Our hostel (Wake Up!) was perfectly located – near the Central Railway Station and walking distance to a plethora of sights.  Apparently this particular area of Sydney has TONS of hostels all within a few blocks radius. 

Side note: This was our first time staying in a hostel and it worked out great.  Granted, we didn’t share bunk beds with four other strangers, but instead, paid a little more to have our own private room and private bath.  Given that both of us got really sick during our stay in Sydney – it ended up being a very smart decision.  And saved us a ton of money over staying in a hotel.

This hostel was equipped with its own restaurant (serving very decently priced meals), its own bar/club (which I only went to one night but had a lot of fun), and the cheapest internet we found anywhere in Australia ($2 for 30 minutes).  I’d definitely recommend this place to others.


Chinese New Year: We were pretty excited about being in Sydney for Chinese New Year (Sydney’s Chinatown area is known to make a pretty big deal out of this).  However, it was a let down.  All the big festivities (e.g. parade) were moved to the following week.  So when we were there, not much was going on except for a few booths, lanterns, and one string of firecrackers being lit.


Hop on, hop off bus: Many major cities have these types of buses now and they work great for tourists trying to see the sights.  The Sydney bus passed by all the major city attractions and it was easy to find where the stops were.  We still did a TON of walking, but the bus helped steer us in the right direction.

And speaking of walking, Sydney is one of the most walkable big cities I’ve ever been to.  The central part of the city is actually fairly small.  It’s easy to navigate the streets (and that’s coming from someone who is directionally-challenged).  We took the bus often, but also walked to many of the sights.

Here’s a rundown of the attractions we visited:

  • Sydney Opera House – of course.  Who goes to Sydney and doesn’t get a picture of this?  🙂


  • Botanical Gardens – it’s huge.  It’s peaceful.  And there’s one section where all the fruit bats fly around – which was pretty cool. 


  • Chinatown – not as great as other Chinatowns I’ve been to.  But we were on a mission to eat at Gumshara Ramen.  I read about this place here (it’s unreal what the chef does to make his ramen) and knew we HAD TO EAT HERE.  Micah and I both love some authentic Japanese ramen.  Unfortunately, our chance to eat it was when I was still recovering from being really sick.  So, I snuck in a few bites and that’s all I could handle.  But…it was amazingly good.  We managed to get the 1 of 10 bowls of pork spare rib noodle ramen (seriously, he only makes 10 bowls of this a day).


  • Queen Victoria Building – a cool building filled with tons of high end stores that we never shop at – and probably never will.  But…a cool building nonetheless. 🙂


  • Woolloomooloo – what a fun name! This part of town is home to the original Harry Cafe de Wheels…which is home to the original Australian icon called…the Tiger Pie(A beef pot pie layered with mashed potatoes and mashed green peas, and topped with brown gravy.)  YUM!


Although we were in Sydney for five days, we ran out of time – and never got to see Bondi Beach or Manly Island.  😦 Compared to Melbourne and Brisbane…Sydney has an endless offering of things to do and see.

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