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A cooking competition of hot dog proportions

For reasons long forgotten, I decided to plan a hot dog challenge – cooking, not eating. 

joey chestnut

Ew.  Joey Chestnut is the current hot dog eating record holder at 68 entire hot dogs.

My contest was about creativity.  Who could make the most tasty, creative, and unique hot dog?  The rules were simple: anything goes, so long as the essence of a hot dog was preserved.  Specifically, it needed to have something in a “bun.”  But interpretation of that was entirely up to the maker.

Tarah, me, and Micah holding up our awesome entries.

The contestants and their entries:

Tarah and her “Jumba fiyah” hot dog.  It was a vegetarian spicy jumbalaya, put into a wheat bun.

Micah and his chili and rice hot dog.  It was a hotdog topped with his homemade chili, all in a bun made out of rice.

Anthony and his pigs in a blanket hot dog.  It was a hotdog (complete with ketchup, mustard, and relish) in a bun, and then wrapped in bacon and cooked in the oven.

Vann and his bulgogi bratwurst hot dog.  It was bratwurst cooked in some beer and topped with his homemade bulgogi (Korean thin-sliced marinated beef)

And my entries.  Yep, I had two.

One was my vegetarian cobb salad, hold the salad, hot dog.  It was a spicy veggie dog inside a toasted garlic bread bun (Vietnamese banh mi bun), topped with lettuce, tomato, and deep fried breaded avocado pieces – topped with ranch dressing.

My other entry was a chicken jalapeno cheddar hot dog.  It was a jalapeno chicken dog wrapped in smoky bacon and deep fried.  (That’s right).  I made my own cheddar jalapeno hot dog bun.  I also topped it with a homemade smoky ketchup and cream cheese (to counterbalance all the heat and spice). 


The lineup.


The judges:

Our friends Charissa and Gabe. 

They even created a rubric in which to judge the dogs.  The main categories of scoring: taste, presentation, and creativity.  There were also bonus points for most creative name. 

The results:

It was a difficult competition to judge, as well as a lot of hotdogs to eat.  At one point, the security guy in their apartment building was brought into break a 3rd place tie.

Part of the judging included time where contestants could plea their case hot dog.

plea the case

“Let me explain why my dog is top dog!!”  (In case you are wondering, Micah’s odd hand gesture is him demonstrating the multi-step process in making a rice-bun)



Micah and his chili rice dog!  His prize was some chocolate milk.  Given that I was on my no sweets challenge…I didn’t get to enjoy any of it.

Mmm…chocolate milk.  It does a hot dog body good.


Tarah and her Jumba fiyah dog!  The security guard felt this one was best overall taste.  Her awesome prize…a half used gift card for The Cheesecake Factory.  Hilarious!

Tarah loved it!!


My veggie cobb salad dog!!  Woo hoo!! It had best overall presentation.  My awesome first place prize…a new pack of gum, and a free drink at the bar (where we headed later that night).  LOVED the creative prizes!

Plus, I inherited this awesome beer necklace – it even lights up!!

We had so much fun – and it’s spurred other competition ideas…hamburgers, vegetarian. 

Where in the world…

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