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My last day of work at T-Mobile was this past Friday.  (YAYYYYY!!!) And…the first thing Micah and I did after we got off work was…switch to iPhones!  It made sense to be with T-Mobile when I was working there (given the fact that we got a fabulous employee discount).  But, since we’ll be paying for regular (i.e. ridiculously expensive) plans, we wanted to get phones we actually wanted. 

Micah used to have the original iPhone and I have an iPod touch – so we are already very used to the operating system and user interface.  Easy to use, WAY longer battery life, and an endless number of fun cases to accessorize your phone.

Thank you Kendra

As a going away present, my awesome friend Kendra got us these adorable iPhone cases.  Love them!

You can pretty much find a case to fit ANY style and flavor out there.  Here are a few fun ones. 

wsu case

Look how good that one looks! Smile






The back looks just like an old school Nintendo controller.  Awesome!

Where in the world…

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