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Have you heard of JustinTV?

Background: Korean cable does happen to show a number of American TV shows and movies (e.g. Grey’s Anatomy, Gossip Girl, CSI, Spiderman, Lord of the Rings, etc.) but, it’s really hard to figure out when they are showing. 

Plus…many streaming TV/movie sites such as,, or even just or restrict access if your IP address is coming from a foreign country (i.e. me in Korea).  Even some live streaming radio stations restrict me.  Boo 😦

Problem: If I want to watch some American TV shows, I’m restricted to what may be showing at the time…and sometimes those options are really limited or just uninteresting. 

Yes, I know I can buy shows off iTunes…but I’m looking for a free option for when you just want to “channel surf.”

Solution: I recently learned about a pretty cool site:  This site is NOT restricted and has hundreds of channels that are streaming live. 

Huh? When you visit the site, you can search for a specific show or topic you want to watch (e.g. The Office).  You may not find what you are looking for, but you can also just browse the available channels. 

The shows are streaming live – when  you click on ‘The Office’ – you start watching it from wherever in the episode it currently is airing.  Just like if you were channel surfing on regular TV and started watching a show in the middle.

Why is this cool? Even though it may not have all the shows I want to watch, it does have enough to keep me satisfied.  There are channels that just show horror movies, food shows :-), The Office, Star Trek, 80’s movies, etc..  It’s fun to browse around and see what’s available – and there is quite a bit to choose from.

Anyways, for those in America – this might not be AS cool – but it’s definitely a good thing for me in Korea!


Here’s a screenshot of one of the Office channels I was watching.  This is the episode where Michael got gum in his hair because he saw something shiny under Stanley’s car. 🙂

Where in the world…

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