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To Kindle without a Kindle

I love my Kindle…but even more, I love the Kindle app.  You can have all the functionality of a Kindle, without having to buy an actual Kindle.  If you have a smartphone or iPod touch, or tablet/iPad – then, download the free Kindle app – and you can easily download digital books to your device. 

I’ve basically abandoned my actual Kindle device – and read all my books on either my smartphone or iPad.  It’s great! And one less thing to carry with me.

And even better…you can check out (for FREE) digital books from the Seattle Public Library.  I’m sure other libraries out there are doing the same thing.  It’s awesome!  You get 21 days to “check out” the book before it expires and disappears from your Kindle library.  The library won’t have every title out there – but I’ll be definitely checking the library first before buying from Amazon.

Where in the world…

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