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“…break me off a piece of that Wasabi Kit Kat bar”

A sidenote about our Japan trip. 

I was on a mission.  A Kit Kat mission.  I had found out a couple months ago that Japan has all sorts of different and unusual flavors of Kit Kat bars.  I am not sure why the country has settled upon that particular candy – but let’s just go with it.

I dragged Micah and Zoe to at least 15 different convenience stores to try and find as many varieties of Kit Kat bars as possible. 

I was semi-successful.  I didn’t see any Wasabi ones (although I know they make them), but did find Green Tea (SUPER DELICIOUS), Royal Milk Tea, Apple, Rose, and Vanilla Wafer.  And Zoe gave me a Pickled Plum one too.  Here’s my stash.  (They aren’t all for me. We brought some back as gifts for teachers and friends here).


Upon further investigation (i.e. Wikipedia), Japan has the most specialty flavors of Kit Kats.  Who knew?

Green Tea is my favorite so far.  I wish the U.S. would start making them!!

Where in the world…

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