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TTMMGH – Korea edition #14

This post should actually be titled Things that make me go ewww – that would more accurately reflect my feelings about seeing these little critters.


Hello caterpillars.  Eight hours later – 90% of these were sold.

Now, I’ve seen these caterpillars sold at the street market near our house, as well as a street market in Busan.  So it’s not just some random thing – but something that actually does have some level of appeal/demand.


Yes, they are alive. And they are crawling around everywhere.

I couldn’t tell you what they do with these.  And neither could five of the Korean friends I asked.  The likely guess is that Koreans eat these, but I can’t be sure of that and it must not be that popular of a cuisine if they do eat them.  Or rather, maybe they are pets, they spin silk out of them, use them as live bait – not sure.  So…if YOU know what the heck these are for, I’d love to know too.


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