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Our ‘beary’ cute cell phones

Everyone in Korea owns a cell phone…everyone.  Even the 1st and 2nd grade students in my elementary school have cell phones.  There are cell phone stores on every block…sometimes there are three or four on the same block. (For those of you from Seattle – think Starbucks – but even grander).

You can imagine, with so many cell phones, there comes the need for cutesy cell phone accessories…right?  Up until now, I had successfully avoided accessorizing my phone.  I don’t need a little teddy bear figurine dangling from my phone – or so I thought.

However, Micah’s co-teacher bought him (and me) a thank you gift.  And since he sees her everyday, it would be difficult (and rude) to not use said gift.  I resisted, until Micah got a hold of my phone.  Now look.  Yes, that is a bear hanging from our phones.  And yes, Micah carries that around.  And no, those bears don’t do anything special.   SAM_0222SAM_0219

P.S. It’s very common for couples to get matching cell phone dangly-things.  Koreans are kind of big on proclaiming to the world their couple-ness.

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