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English is hard, but Korean is harder

So one goal of ours while we are in this country, is to learn the language.  Uh…that’s not an easy task.  Korean is REALLY hard to learn.  While Hangul (their alphabet) is fairly easy to learn – that’s pretty much where the “easy” part stops. 

To help along our learning, Micah and I are taking 2 hour Beginner’s Korean lessons at the YMCA in downtown Daegu every Saturday afternoon.  We skipped the “Entry” lessons since we can already (at a very low level) read and write Hangul. 

However, I’m wondering if that was a good decision.  These classes are tough.  99% of the class is all Korean.  You have to listen hard, learn quickly, and somehow figure out what the heck the instructors are actually saying. 

We are doing our best to keep up – but we started the lessons already feeling behind.  And thus far, there’s no homework.  I’d actually prefer homework.  I know – what??  I feel this would motivate us to keep up with our language lessons during the weekday. 

We are going to have to kick it in high gear though if we plan to conquer one of our “Korean Challenges”: before we leave Korea, Micah and I must order food for delivery –  over the phone – in Korean.  We are still struggling with ordering food in person – at restaurants with picture menus. 

Not that I need to justify myself, but I have asked several of my Korean co-workers, and they have all agreed that Korean is MUCH harder to learn than English. 

Where in the world…

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