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Maui lovin’ – had me a blast

Micah and I just spent two wonderful sun-filled days on Maui!  My first time to an outer-island.  I love Maui!

The island is more low key than Oahu.  And we finally got some sun…major sun.  And the flight from Honolulu to Kahului is 30 minutes.  Super quick flight. 

We picked up our rental car – it was supposed to be a compact car – but they were out of them…and instead, we were given a Ford Mustang Convertible.  Woo hoo!  We were ready for our island experience.


  • First, we headed to Haleakala National Park.  It’s basically a massive shield volcano that covers most of the island of Maui.  To get there, you drive up miles and miles of windy roads.  Seemed like we had driven for a long time, but had only made it about half way to the visitor center.  We still had a long ways to go – but I was starting to get dizzy and lightheaded due to the altitude change (about 8k feet at the visitor center).  We ended up only driving to a hiking trail – nowhere near the summit (which is 10k feet).  On our hike, it started to pour on us, so we cut it short.  On the way down, we saw some Nēnē (aka the Hawaiian Goose – the official state bird of Hawaii).


  • Our hotel was in Kihei, so we drove there to check-in and headed straight for the beach.  We had our own private beach – literally.  There wasn’t a single person around – awesome.  We got some sun, surf, and then showered and headed to Lahaina (a very touristy area of Maui filled with shops, street vendors, and restaurants).    



  • Got up fairly early, and we went jogging along the beach.  Running isn’t so bad when you are barefoot and get to have your feet in the water.  :-)  We then decided to check out a different beach, Kamaole Beach Park (said to be one of the nicest beaches in Maui).  And it didn’t disappoint.  The sand was super soft and the water was clean.  But it definitely was not like our “private” beach experience the previous day – there were lots of people there. 
  • On a whim, I treated Micah to a massage!  Only his second one ever.  We happened to find a great spa at the Kaanapali Beach Resort – and they had an available appointment for a couples massage!  It was great.  Micah said after, “I could definitely do that more often.”  :-)  Cute.
  • After our relaxing massages, we decided to take the “scenic route” back to the airport.  Ha! To do that, you drive along miles and miles of a windy, one-lane, narrow road.  You had to go slow, and be on the lookout for other cars in case you needed to pull onto the “shoulder” (ha!) to let them through.  A little nerve-wracking, but an experience nonetheless.
  • Due to a slow shuttle taking us back to the airport, and broken kiosks at the airport (i.e we could not self check-in), we BARELY made our flight back to Oahu. 


A very different experience than Oahu – and a great birthday. Thanks Micah!!!

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