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Sand sledding and shipwrecks

Ah…finally, our last post about our Australian adventure.

Day: 11

Location: Tangalooma Island Resort on Moreton Island

Event: Sand tobogganing and shipwrecks

Since Moreton Island is an all-sand island, (complete with its own desert), it only made sense to partake in an activity that makes use of the soft, tan stuff…sand tobagganing!

A short ride on a massive 4WD bus and we were surrounded by well…sand…lots and lots of sand.  We took the 8:30am time slot so that it wouldn’t be as hot…but it still was. 



Since the basic premise of sand tobogganing is about sliding down, well…that means you have to climb up.  There was a fairly steep sand hill we had to hike up (this hill is the main reason why most of the people on our tour only went one time.  But we took full advantage – Micah went seven times and I went six).


Once you get to the top, you lay down on your waxed board, hold on to the top, keep your legs straight and lifted – and SLIDE ON DOWN!  Woo hoo!!!!!!!  And you get to wear nifty goggles!


Of course, some people didn’t make it all the way down…crashing along the way and getting sand in every crevice possible.  Those people tended to not go again either.  We ended up being “those people” on our last go down. 😦

Sorry the video is sideways…but here’s Micah sledding on down.



A quick note about the shipwrecks on the island.  There’s about a dozen or so old ships – that when no longer in service – were intentionally downed close to the island.  It was done to create a harbor and man-made reef.  We kayaked out to these one day (and walked along the beach the next).  It’s a great place to snorkel since the fish like to convene around these parts.


Cloudy and rainy on our second day – so we walked all over the beautiful island.


We ended our time at Tangalooma grilling steaks!  It was awesome.  The convenience store on the island happens to sell fresh steaks – and the resort provides large grills for the guests to use.  And it’s definitely cheaper than eating at the restaurants.  Yum – it’s been FOREVER since we’ve eaten BBQ.


Paradise FOUND!

Our last leg of the trip.  Moreton Island. We didn’t know much about this place, but knew when planning our vacation that we wanted to go someplace really “beachy.”  We wish we spent less time in Melbourne and more time here.  It’s the kind of place where you have to pinch yourself because it is so beautiful and unreal – Tropical Islands calendar quality unreal. 🙂

Getting there: A flight from Melbourne to Brisbane.  An overnight stay in a Brisbane hostel. A tram-ride, followed by a bus ride, followed by at least a two mile walk (with our suitcases) in the hot sun – following some sidewalk-less road, hoping it will lead to the ferry dock that happens to be in the middle of nowhere.  (Most people would just pay for a shuttle or cab…but not us.  What’s that saying about the ‘road less traveled?’ 🙂 ) We eventually made it (only once having to ask directions). Lastly, a 75 minute boat ride to the island.  Soooo worth it!


More about Moreton:  This island is completely made up of sand – making it the third largest sand island in the world.  Fraser Island is the largest and is also part of Australia.


We stayed at the Tangalooma Island Resort(We used credit card points to stay here for free).  We were immediately welcomed by the staff, given a short orientation, and taken to our rooms early (where our luggage was already waiting for us).  Our room was HUGE and had a nice outdoor patio.  We immediately changed clothes and headed for the beach.


The beach had the softest sand, was immaculately clean and very swimmable.  One small area of the beach was roped off because that is where the wild dolphins visit every night for their feeding.  More on that in a later post.

Even though this part of the island housed the resort, it didn’t feel like it.  It was peaceful, ultra-relaxing, and not many people around.  It felt like we had our own private beach. 


The weather was perfect…hot and sunny.  But the forecast for the next day predicted some rain and clouds.  We decided to take full advantage of the sun with some kayaking, laying on the beach, and swimming for our first day there.  Ahh…paradise!

Summer down under!

We’ve been toying with the idea of going to Australia for our 2 week winter vacation.  But we hadn’t been able to finalize when we could go because of English Camps.  (Basically, the kids come into school and study English during their winter vacation).  We know these “camps” will be in January sometime, but that’s all we know so far.

So instead of taking our vacation during January, we are going in February (during the school’s spring break).

Side note: Yes…the students come off of 5 weeks of winter vacation, come back to school for 1.5 weeks at the beginning of Feb., and then leave for two weeks of spring break.  And when they return, that’s the beginning of the new school year.  English Teachers don’t get all that time off though – only 2 weeks.

We did some research on flights, cities, things to do, etc. And made a rough itinerary.  We ran this by our friend Jodie, who is currently living in Sydney (but only until the end of December).  And that was it – we bought tickets last night!  Two weeks in Aussie!  It’ll be freezing in Daegu, but summer down under. 🙂

We are hitting up Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane.  Technically, we fly into Brisbane, but are going to Moreton Island for a couple days.  We have a basic idea of what we want to do in each city: sightseeing, eating, beach, hiking, hold koala bears, etc. but nothing is finalized yet. We do know for sure we’ll be doing this in Sydney:  (Replace couple in photo with Micah and me :-))

Couple summit

To keep costs down, we are staying in hostels in every city (except Moreton Island). So, I’m currently researching those options.

I’d like to thank my friends Jessie and Allison for their inspiring pictures of their recent trips to Australia. 🙂

Allison meets a koala. by sparklingallison.

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