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America’s favorite cookie mashup + hittin’ the road

So there’s a bit of confusion in the cookie world around what is America’s favorite cookie.  In terms of total sales $ – Oreo is the #1 selling cookie.  But in terms of actual cookie preference – well, of course it’s chocolate chip!!!

But as is the goal for many disputes – mediate and compromise.  So, I bring you…

The Oreo Cookie Cookie.  A perfect smooshing of two of America’s “favorites.”

I can’t claim invention of this idea – the credit belongs to this blog.  But I can claim that I did just make these last night – in preparation for a road trip we’ll be taking this weekend.

Back to the cookie.  It really is just a chocolate chip cookie with crushed up Oreo bits.  Easy.  Anyone can do that.  Ah-ha…but you didn’t!!!  But now you can.


The dough itself is quite yummy to eat (yes, raw eggs – but they were super super fresh).  And the resulting baked cookie is just as delicious too!


Can you see the yummy Oreo bits!!?

Back to the roadtrip.  Micah and I – along with a bunch of other friends are heading up to Vancouver – as in Canada Vancouver.  We are just going for fun to hang out and eat lots of delicious food.  Vancouver is considered the “Hong Kong” of the North. 

We haven’t been to Canada in years…so this will be a quick, but fun trip…fueled by these delicious identity-crisis cookies!

Where in the world…

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