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Tropical Thailand – Last stop, Railay

After two nights in Ko Phi Phi, we moved on to Railay.  We had to hop on a ferry back to the Krabi Pier and then catch a shuttle to Ao Nang and finally, catch a longtail boat to Railay.  (Railay is ONLY accessible by longtail boat).

Getting onto the boats can be a little tricky.  If the tide is low, you have to wade out pretty far and climb in.

Railay is not an island, but rather a peninsula.  It’s famous for it’s massive limestone cliffs and beautiful, relaxed beaches.  (The limestone cliffs cut off access to the mainland, hence the need for a boat to reach this area).

We stayed in a bungalow just a minute walk from the beach.  We paid 1900 baht (just under $60).  This was a quick trip – only one night.  But we weren’t leaving until late afternoon the next day, so we had plenty of time to experience Railay.

The best beach on Railay is called Pranang.  It was a 15 minute walk to get there, but so worth it.


We even saw monkeys all around!  They were really friendly and you could get pretty close to them. 


In addition to the sandy beaches, there are tons of rocky limestone formations.  It’s a rock climbers paradise.  We explored Diamond Cave and saw lots of funky formations and bats!


The nighttime was really peaceful.  It’s definitely more chill here with fewer options for “nightlife.”  But we wandered the island and actually saw the stars.  It’s been awhile since I’ve seen those.  The only downside is all the mosquitoes.  They love me, and I have several bites to prove it.

On our final day, we had about 8 hours before we had to leave.  So, we started our morning early with an outdoor Thai cooking class. 


Here’s what we learned to cook:  (Thai cooking only seems intimidating.  The hardest part is collecting all the ingredients).

  • Spring rolls
  • Shrimp pad thai
  • Tom Yum Goong
  • Chicken panang curry
  • Banana in coconut milk

All of the dishes were absolutely yummy!  And we got to eat a TON.  There were only three of us in the class, so the class went by quickly.



The class ended early, which gave us a ton of time to hit the beach and pool (a nice change up from swimming in the sea).

We ended with one final massage.  Micah opted for a back and shoulder massage, while I did an oil massage (very very relaxing).  Total price was just under $20.

It was a perfect day to end our vacation: food, beach, massage.

The trek back to Korea was long.  We had to fly back to Bangkok.  Wait for hours and hours before the ticket counter even opened up.  Then wait two more hours for our flight to leave.  Then a two hour layover in Beijing Airport and then finally back to Korea.   And then it was at least three hours before we got back to our cold apartment.  Brrrrr!!

The highlight of the Bangkok airport – ROOT BEER!  I’m not even the biggest fan of the stuff, but you can’t get it in Korea.  And every once in awhile, it just sounds good.

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