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Seattle Seahawks + The Blind Side

Why are the Seattle Seahawks in the movie, The Blind Side?  Sorry – before I get to that…here’s a little background.

Last night, I *finally* watched the very hyped about movie, The Blind Side.  (It happens to be coming out on DVD in the U.S. on March 23).

And yes, I thought it was a really REALLY good movie.  So did Micah.  But this posting is not a movie review.  However, I do recommend the movie and am quite impressed with how well the movie reflected the real story on which it was based (at least based on the online information I have read about the character’s real life).

Warning: If you don’t like/care about football – the rest of this post might not interest you.  But…it might too.  However, given the first sentence of this post – I believe I’ve given you full disclosure of what I’m writing about. 🙂

Anyways, I was shocked (in a good way) with the first few minutes of the movie.  Without getting into a bunch of football talk…let’s just say, the narrator in the movie starts out talking about football, while showing video footage of an actual NFL game.  And then BAM! Next thing you see is pictures of Matt Hasslebeck and the Seattle Seahawks! 

Matt Hasselbeck – QB for the Seahawks…for now.

Having lived in Seattle for most of our adult lives, Micah and I are Seahawks fans.  And it’s been a huge disappointment hard the past couple of years to be a fan.  Blame it on injuries, coaching transitions, or just bad luck – the Seahawks have just sucked. 

So, I was both shocked AND confused on why they were showcasing the Seahawks in one of the biggest movies of 2009…in the first five minutes.  The Seahawks…really?  Matt Hasselbeck…really?  Wouldn’t you want The Colts? The Steelers?  Tom Brady even?

This really was a burning question for me throughout the movie.  Immediately after the movie was over, I searched online for answers.  Hmm…not much out there.  Could I really be the only one who is curious?  Or perhaps the only one who doesn’t understand the “obvious” connection? 

I went to my next best source (Micah) and he had his speculation…and I believe it to be very plausible.  So – here’s MY (as in Lisa, as in NO football expert) best attempt at explaining:

Why are the Seattle Seahawks in the movie The Blind Side?

  1. The Blind Side is, in football terms, referencing the side (usually the left) in which the quarterback can’t see when he is looking to throw the ball. 
  2. The blind side is a bad thing for the QB, but a great thing for the other team looking to squeeze their way in and sack the QB.
  3. The Left Tackle position is responsible to cover the blind side of the QB, thus protecting him from being sacked by the opponent.  (Yes, yes…the right tackle does this too).
  4. The Left Tackle position for most NFL teams is the second highest paid position, to that of the QB.  It is a HIGHLY regarded position and if you are good at it…you’ll get paid big time.  Teams are always on the lookout for the next best Left Tackle.
  5. Get on with it…the Seahawks??  So…in 2005 the Seahawks were awesome.  They were breaking records, winning games, and…went to the Superbowl (and unfortunately lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers).
  6. Walter Jones was the Seahawks’ Left Tackle at the time.  He was arguably the “best Left Tackle in the NFL.”  Maybe even the best player at the time. 
  7. The year 2005 was also the year that the character in the movie, Michael Oher, started playing college football (and pretty much where the movie ends).  And as many of you know, he was massively successful in college, and as such, he was drafted as the 23rd pick in the 2009 NFL Draft by the Baltimore Ravens.  His position?  Yep…Left Tackle (yes, and also Right Tackle too).

Does it all make sense now?  :-)  To sum it up:

  • The Left Tackle covers the QB’s blind side.
  • The movie talks about the importance of the Left Tackle position.
  • The Seahawks had the best Left Tackle in the NFL when Michael Oher entered college (2005).

So finally, that is why I think the Seattle Seahawks were in The Blind Side.


Of course, Micah can sum it up by simply saying: “Walter Jones was the best player at the time.”  Done and done.

Thanks for staying with me to the end. It was probably a bit confusing to read – as honestly, it was a little confusing to write.  🙂

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