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Spreading a little Christmas love

As Micah and I still decide on what to get each other for Christmas (yes, I know this is true), we already decided on what to get a local Seattle family for Christmas.  This year, we decided to go through the Seattle YWCA to participate in their Adopt-A-Family program.

It’s very easy to do.  I found the contact of the person leading the program online and just emailed her.  In response, she supplied the info on how the program works. 

You get to decide the size of family you want to adopt, and then the YWCA gives you a list that includes the children’s’ names, ages, a few things they like, and a few things they’d like to get for Christmas.  They do ask that as a general rule you get each child two gifts that are roughly $25 in value.  In addition, you provide a $15 gift card for the adult to a store like Target or WalMart. 

Shop, wrap the gifts, and deliver them to the YWCA…and that’s all it takes to make a local family’s Christmas a little bit more special. 

The family we were given had three teenage children – two girls and one boy.  It was really fun to shop to find the perfect gifts for them.  It’s also a challenge since they don’t provide too much detail in things the kids like.  For instance, one of the girls likes “drawing” and doesn’t like pink.  I must admit, I did 99% of the shopping online!!!  But I feel that gave me a wider variety of gifts from which to choose, and I got to comparison shop.  We also included three stockings filled with tasty treats.

Micah helped me wrap up the gifts.  He’s actually quite a good wrapper.

I’m hoping this becomes a tradition we can continue on for Christmas’ to come. 

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