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Wedding recap: It IS all fun and games

As you might already know, Micah and I love playing games – be it cards, board games, video games, etc. 

So, we knew we wanted to incorporate a bit of that into our wedding and have a little fun with our guests. 

For starters, we decided on a unique way of doing our guest “book.” 

scrabble game

It’s a Scrabble board!  We asked guests to sign the back of it.

And we played three games during the wedding reception.

1. At the start of the reception, we played a favorite game of ours called Whoonu (as in Who Knew).  It’s a Cranium game – in which you are trying to pick someone’s favorite thing (but limited to the “things” listed on the cards in your hand).  It’s super easy and a great get to know you game.  Of course, we put our twist on this. 

whoonu game

Each guest was given their name card that included their table assignment on it.  But on the back of each card was a completely random thing.  (P.S. the design on the card matches the design of our wedding invitations!)

Guests most likely didn’t even know there was something written on the back, or if they did – wasn’t sure what it meant. 

So when it was time to play – we asked each table to look at the back of their cards, and pick the card that everyone at that table thought was Micah and my favorite thing.  Tables worked together to choose that one card.  (Note: these really were random.  Some were good things like "the internet” and some could go either way like “talking on the phone,” “scary movies,” “staying up late.”)

Micah and I then had to put the cards in order from most favorite to least favorite.  And we revealed the answers to the room.  It was super fun and super easy to play (but takes a bit of prep time in making all the cards….but I’m sure there are tons of other easier ways of doing it).


The winning table (I believe they had “potluck”) all got candy prizes.  The losing table each won a roll of toilet paper!  (I can’t remember what their cards was).


2. The second game we played was to determine the order of tables to the buffet line.  Instead of just going numerically, we mixed it up with some “Name that tune!”  The great part about this game was that the DJ handled it all.  He played a few seconds of a song (and varied it up with songs from different eras) and people had to shout out the answer.  If you were correct, your table was next for the buffet.    

3. Okay, the last game we played right after dinner – the shoe game!  I read about this game on some wedding blogs and knew it was something we wanted to play at our wedding.

The premise is simple:


Sit back to back.  Each person holds two shoes (one of their own, one from the other person).



Next, have the emcee ask questions (that we already had prepared) about “who is a better ____?”  or “who is more likely to _____?”  You answer by raising either your own shoe, or the other person’s.  It’s SUPER fun and fun for the guests too.


For example, we had “Who is a better cook?”  – we both raised Micah’s shoe.  “Who is more likely to eat dessert for breakfast?” – we both raised my shoe.  “Who is a better driver?” – we each raised our own shoe!

Games were a perfect fit for our fun and whimsical wedding.  If you are planning a wedding, then consider it too!  (But…know your guests.  We knew our friends and family would be up for the silly fun).

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