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Cool things of 2010 – No. 4 and 5

I have an ever growing list of “Cool things” to share with you – so I better kick it into high gear, and possibly combine a few here and there.  Here are a couple of super cool sites I found and follow:

#4. Workin’ on my fitness

Around the early part of 2010, I stumbled upon  It’s totally changed revolutionized how I work out. 

Let’s just say the Korean gym near our apt wasn’t cutting it.  And I was tired of just running all the time.  I needed a change up and something I could do at home.  So one day, I was just searching around for some fitness videos on YouTube and came across some Bodyrock videos.  And I was intrigued.  They were different types of moves I hadn’t done, and it looked challenging…and it totally was.  I was hooked from the beginning!

I do these workouts about 4 to 5 times a week (honestly).  And I seriously believe I’m in the best shape ever – even better than when I was doing hardcore marathon training (which I have vowed to never do again!)

I love how the workouts don’t require much equipment (or none at all if you want), they can be easily adapted, and they are short and to the point.  Plus, all the workouts are free.  It’s easy to follow on their site.  I wrote about on my blog before.

I’ve even got some of my friends to try the workouts too and/or workout with me.

#5. Cookin’ ideas galore

I have a few baking and cooking blogs I follow.  I love getting inspiration to cook tasty, but relatively easy-to-make dishes.  The absolute best one is  It’s just a round-up of recipes featured on blogs all over the blogosphere.  When I’m looking for inspiration (and even when I’m not), I just head over there and scroll through all the awesome pictures.  I’ve collected TONS of recipes from this site…many of which are still in the “queue” to be made.  I wrote about it earlier here.

My great blog discovery!

I stumbled upon an awesome food blog today.  It kept me captivated for hours.  I’m fairly certain any good foodie already knows about it (shame on me for JUST learning about it).  It’s called TasteSpottinga food blog for food blogsIt’s essentially a big online library of the thousands of food blogs out there.  You go to the site and you can just browse the thousands of pictures of food…and if something looks good, click on it – and you will be directed to the blog that the recipe is featured on.  Or, search for a specific recipe – and voila’ – pages of pictures with accompanying links. 


I’ve already bookmarked tons of recipes that I want to make (some will have to wait until I’m back in a regular kitchen) that I found using TasteSpottingSo exciting!!

Here are just a few delectable recipes I discovered and want to make:

Minor warning: The unfortunate drawback to killing time perusing a food blog is non-stop hunger pains…even AFTER a big lunch.  :-) 

Where in the world…

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