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A trilogy for the voracious reader

During my busy summer, oh how I love to kill two birds with one stone.  As much as I love reading…summer reading just isn’t the same when you aren’t lounging on a beach or by the pool (neither of which I happen to have done or will be doing in the coming weeks).  I just don’t have the time to sip fruity cocktails, liberally apply sunscreen, and let the day drift by slowly while fully engrossed in a great summer read.  How jealous I am of this picture I’ve painted!!

Anyways, my girl’s book club selection for the summer is actually a trilogy called The Hunger Games.  It’s easy fiction reading, straddling the line between being for a young adult audience and adult (similar to later Harry Potter books).  It actually contains many adult themes – a book you could go really deep on if you are one of those deep kind of people.  Or, just enjoy it for the pure entertainment and suspense it delivers, albeit quite dark (the book is all about a ‘dystopian’ society.  Thanks Courtney for teaching me that word – which FYI -  means the opposite of ‘utopia’).


After only a few chapters of the first book aptly called The Hunger Games, I was HOOKED!! I knew it would be a perfect read for the book club Micah and I have.  I promptly ordered it on Amazon and had the set of books delivered to the house.  Micah was instantly hooked as well (which I like to claim is quite a feat considering he’s not someone who reads for fun all that often)

We both breezed through the first book and Micah’s already finished with the second book Catching Fire

And since I’m reading the same thing for both my book clubs – voila’ two clubs, one book.  No applause necessary.

This post isn’t meant to be a review of the book…but seriously, so far, it’s been a deliciously awesome read!  Bad pun, I know. But it’s a whole lot better than if I said “the books will leave you hungry for more.”  (Insert jeers!!!) Smile

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