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My last day…

Well, technically Wednesday, April 1st (Happy April Fool’s Day) is my last day of work at WaMu, but today is pretty much it.  I will turn in all of my equipment and then head to the nearby Pike Place Brewery for a final farewell happy hour with my work friends. 

With the craziness of moving the past couple of weeks, I haven’t spent much time thinking about being unemployed.  I’ve been attending several career workshops (e.g. resume writing, interviewing, etc) to sharpen my skills in that area, but I haven’t taken many steps towards finding work.  And I find it a bit challenging to find a full-time job when I may be leaving the country in six to eight months from now.  Just doesn’t seem right to me.  But on the flip side, I can’t imagine being unemployed for that whole time.  At least I will have unemployment to help bring in some money, but of course, I would rather not rely on that. 

Plus, I get bored quite easily.  If I don’t have something to do…I drive Micah crazy. :-)  I do plan on running around the lake often, resuming my daily yoga, reading like crazy, catching up with friends, and just taking advantage of the Seattle summer.

Oh and we are taking a couple of trips soon.  The third week of April, Micah and I are headed to Hawaii to help his mom with some house renovations (painting rooms, moving furniture, etc.)  It’s going to be hardwork, but she needs the help.  I’m going down a couple of days earlier than Micah (since he doesn’t have many vacation days) and will get a head start on the numerous projects she has for us.

And in middle May, we are cashing in on our free United flight vouchers and flying to Boston.  We both have friends living over there that we plan to see.  Plus, we haven’t been there before, and that time of the year is apparently a great time to visit the city.  We would like to catch a Red Sox game, but they are playing the Mariners…in Seattle that weekend.  Funny.

The good, the bad, the busy

My past few days have had split personalities – they have been good, and bad, and of course, busy.  Let’s start with…


THE GOOD: Got to see nearly all of my Research co-workers at the final farewell happy hour.  It was SO great to see everyone and speak fondly of the good memories together.  (And of course, speak harshly towards the bad ones). 
BAD:  I happened to start off this happy hour with a “few” (ahem…4) shots of tequila with my fellow WSU alumni.  (With WSU winning Apple Cup this past year, the UW folks had to buy and serve us tequila as part of the bet).  My head hurt well into the next day.  
BUSY: Had to stay late the night before to finish up some work, so that we could start our festivities on time…that being 2 in the afternoon.


THE GOOD:  Micah just finished up a week long training session (training classes every day).  It was a success, and so I joined him and his fellow project members for a well-deserved happy hour.  It’s nice to meet more of his co-workers and get to know them a bit better.  He knows nearly all of my co-workers very well (perhaps due in part to the vast amounts of happy hours we had). 
BAD: Spent the earlier part of the day with a nice headache (see Thursday). 
BUSY:  In between waiting on approval on work stuff, I was cleaning out cubes of my co-workers who apparently didn’t clean them all the way out. Fun.  I found alot of crap…alot of useless crap.


THE GOOD:  Got to finally see my friend Karen (who’s been holed up in Barrow, Alaska for weeks for work) and finally got to meet her boyfriend.  She planned a surprise birthday party for him up at Tulalip Casino.  I actually played blackjack and for the most part, knew what I was doing (and didn’t get yelled at by other players for making dumb moves).   I did pretty well..only lost $45, for about 2 hours worth of playing.  Let’s not talk about Micah’s losses.
BAD: Micah’s losses; super far drive to and from casino
BUSY: Spent the earlier part of the day running errands and doing laundry, and making these amazingly delicious peanut butter cupcakes (for the Superbowl party).  They were a three step process, and required using the freezer in between steps.  They aren’t a ton of work, just require alot of total time.


THE GOOD:  Superbowl Sunday!!!  Spent the entire day and well into the night at our friend’s Anthony and Tarah’s house.  They had a ton of people over to watch the game (many of the ladies went upstairs and did some arts and crafts).  There was alot of yummy food, a great game, and good hang out time.  Very fun!  My cupcakes were a hit!
BAD: Well, I eventually decided I wanted Arizona to win…and they didn’t. 
BUSY:  Wanted to sleep in, but had to get up early to make another delicious appetizer for the party: spam musubis.  They sound gross, and they have spam in them…but it’s a Hawaiian snack – and OH SO YUMMY!!   They were a huge hit at the party.  (The key is: you can’t tell people it’s spam until after they try it)

Latest updates…

Update #1:  I am seriously bored at work – some days there’s a lot to do (which is actually kind of nice) – and then the next day there may be nothing to do.  But thus far, I keep coming in…just waiting for when a project comes my way.  And b/c I am still waiting with no work to do at the present moment…I post random updates on my blog.  Nice.

Update #2:  I just got back from meeting up with Micah for lunch.  He works about 9 blocks away from me. We try and meet up at least once a week for lunch – we like to call it “heat and meet” – since the majority of the time, we just bring leftovers from home (rather than eating out).  We take turns of who has to walk to the other person’s building, but again (see update #1) I’ve been doing more walking recently.

Sorry – back to the update.  I can cross off 2 more “best desserts” off my list.  I took a detour to Dahlia Bakery on my way to Micah’s building.  I picked up a Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookie and a Coconut Cream Pie (relax…it was just a small two-biter…not the exact one described in the magazine, but it will suffice).  I, of course, shared with Micah.  Both were delicious.  The PB cookie was like a Nutter Butter on crack (I say that in a good way)…and the coconut cream pie was light and delish.  Thumbs up.   Sorry, no pics of the desserts – they were gobbled up too quickly.

Update #3:  I played basketball last night…1.5 hours of basketball.  Each Thursday night there is a women’s open gym.  It’s nice, fun, and it’s exercise!  A relaxed, non-competitive environment where we can just play ball with other ladies (sorry – not that fun playing with guys who are most of the time, just ball hogs!)  Anyways, I was exhuasted!  I am SO glad I did some playing yesterday, since the winter basketball season starts in about 2 weeks.  I need the practice! 

Update #4:  I haven’t been so good with book club lately.  I did not read the current pick for my girl’s book club The Road.  Honestly, I heard it was really boring – yet it was named by Entertainment Weekly as one of the top 100 books of the last 20 years.  I probably should read it…but I won’t even be around for book club in January b/c of the Sister’s Getaway trip (i.e. probably won’t read it). But I am almost done with the book Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell.  I have found it to be quite interesting and fascinating.  If you read Freakonomics and liked the concept of taking an idea or a statistic and finding alternative ways of explaining it through research – then you would like Outliers.  One idea talked about in the book is that it takes 10,000 hours of practice to achieve mastery of something.  And this idea holds true for sports, musicians, businesspeople, chess players, etc. etc.  If that little tidbit has intrigued you…then read the book!

Update #5:  This isn’t really an update, more just news to share.  My friend Martha (who I’ve been friends with since my first day of setting foot on the WSU campus) is getting married!  And she not only asked me to be a bridesmaid, but her maid of honor!  I was really surprised and very touched by her request.  I, of course, said yes!  I did tell her I was a little worried about being able to fulfill all the MOH duties because of Micah and I potentially living abroad when she gets married.  But no worries, one of the other bridesmaids will help out, and has such, been promoted to Matron of Honor (sunce she’s married already)!


I actually didn’t make any resolutions this year.  And, if I did, I don’t really know what I would put.  However, instead of things I resolve to do (sounds too guilt-ridden) – here are some things I’d like to keep in mind and try and do:

  • Keep in touch with WaMu colleagues and friends (at least there are many of us on Facebook – so that helps quite a bit)
  • Learn how to be an Auntie – since Tera is preggers – I will have a chance to change diapers (never have), hold a newborn (only have held Elle Pratt) and do other “baby stuff” that I honestly  fear!  (Note: I wasn’t physically around when my older sister, Christine, had her boy, so technically I am already an Auntie)
  • Do something drastically different – this by far, will be the hardest for me to accomplish.  But – I feel, if I want to experience living in another country – this is the year!  Everyday, Micah seems to be more on board with the idea (baby steps)Where, when, how, etc. etc. – TBD!
  • Encourage more of my friends to start blogs of their own.  There – so those of you reading this post – this is ME, encouraging YOU, to start your own blog.  Really, it’s quite fun – and I love reading blogs of those I know – probably like you enjoy (I hope) reading my blog.  Return the love. 🙂

Happy 2009!

Found! Source of my eye twitch!

Ok, I had a breakthrough today.  After coming to work and having somber discussions about the sale of our company (aka untimely demise of my job!), I was having a gab session with my coworker.  I somehow mentioned that for the past two weeks I’ve been having uncontrollable and quite frequent eye twitching.  Frankly, I’m surprised someone hasn’t asked what’s wrong with me because it feels as if my eye is in constant winking mode.  Well, apparently that sort of eye twitching can be caused by stress and lack of sleep.  There’s my breakthrough!  Thank you Sara!  It may not seem that big of a deal to you my friend, but it was nice to know that I don’t have some weird viral eye infection or something like that.  Instead, I seem to be suffering from the effects of: (1) weeks of rumors about WaMu being sold, (2) actually being sold, (3) and then the talks of what to do after being sold.  This sort of stuff must be invading my sleep – hence, I’m not getting very good shut eye.  Now that I have solidly (well, good enough) identified the source, I can now look to eliminating the source of stress (aka find an awesome job) and get more sleep (hmm…this is where sleep aids come in handy – don’t judge me!) 🙂

All good things must come to an end

I will continue my Year In Review postings shortly.  But recent events with my income stream source (aka JOB) are in peril.  I have recently learned this evening that Washington Mutual (my employer) is no more.  Chase bank has bought them.  Really, I’m not surprised.  Anyone following the news knew something was to happen – but when it would was the question.  So I am not sure what is going to happen to me and my job, that will ultimately unfold in the following days.  Undoubtedly, I (and all my research friends) will go someplace else.  It’s quite sad.  I’ve really enjoyed my job quite a bit.  On Oct. 14th, I’ll have been there for 5 whole years.  And I truly have loved my time.  I work with incredibly smart, awesome colleagues, the best manager ever, and do really cool work (shocking I know, given that I work for a bank).  But all good things must come to an end.  Including my blog postings for the night.  I’ll resume shortly.

Where in the world…

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