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The perfect gift…really

I went to a bridal shower for my super good friend Valerie…who I worked with (sadly, no longer).  She is getting married in Mexico in April, and literally days later, her and her fiancee’ are setting sail.  They are going to live on his huge sail boat and sail around for a year or more. 

So…when it comes time to finding a gift for someone who will be living on a boat for at least a year, and who is currently in the process of getting rid of all sorts of housewares and such – well, it becomes a challenge to find a good gift.  What do you get someone who is leaving the country and living on their sailboat?  I’m not a sailor (ahh…vertigo!) so, I really don’t know the type of “stuff” a sailor needs…plus, wasn’t sure about the stuff they already had.  Oh, and they are of course not registered anywhere because where would you need to?  I repeat…they are leaving the country and living on their sailboat.

After a lot of thinking, I realized the perfect gift would be an Amazon Kindle.  If you don’t know what it is…it’s basically a badass electronic book reader.  The new 2.0 version just released.  It can hold upwards of 1400 books and you can easily download them wirelessly from  It’s pretty awesome.  And…perfect for Valerie, who loves reading…and won’t have the space to pack along alot of books.

Problem: The Kindle is boo-koh (sp?) bucks.  Not something that I (being unemployed in 3 or so weeks) should be splurging on (although I wish I could). 

Solution:  Instead, I emailed everyone invited to the bridal shower (most of whom I didn’t know) and rallied a group of 7 of us ladies to all pool our money to get her the Kindle.  I ordered the Kindle, it came just in time, wrapped it up cute, and voila’…the perfect gift!  Needless to say…she LOVED it! 

However: The Kindle is so cool…I want one!!  But let’s review what I wrote just a couple paragraphs above.  (Ah yes…it will have to wait.)



That’s Valerie and her awesome new Kindle.  I’ll miss you!!

Latest updates…

Update #1:  I am seriously bored at work – some days there’s a lot to do (which is actually kind of nice) – and then the next day there may be nothing to do.  But thus far, I keep coming in…just waiting for when a project comes my way.  And b/c I am still waiting with no work to do at the present moment…I post random updates on my blog.  Nice.

Update #2:  I just got back from meeting up with Micah for lunch.  He works about 9 blocks away from me. We try and meet up at least once a week for lunch – we like to call it “heat and meet” – since the majority of the time, we just bring leftovers from home (rather than eating out).  We take turns of who has to walk to the other person’s building, but again (see update #1) I’ve been doing more walking recently.

Sorry – back to the update.  I can cross off 2 more “best desserts” off my list.  I took a detour to Dahlia Bakery on my way to Micah’s building.  I picked up a Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookie and a Coconut Cream Pie (relax…it was just a small two-biter…not the exact one described in the magazine, but it will suffice).  I, of course, shared with Micah.  Both were delicious.  The PB cookie was like a Nutter Butter on crack (I say that in a good way)…and the coconut cream pie was light and delish.  Thumbs up.   Sorry, no pics of the desserts – they were gobbled up too quickly.

Update #3:  I played basketball last night…1.5 hours of basketball.  Each Thursday night there is a women’s open gym.  It’s nice, fun, and it’s exercise!  A relaxed, non-competitive environment where we can just play ball with other ladies (sorry – not that fun playing with guys who are most of the time, just ball hogs!)  Anyways, I was exhuasted!  I am SO glad I did some playing yesterday, since the winter basketball season starts in about 2 weeks.  I need the practice! 

Update #4:  I haven’t been so good with book club lately.  I did not read the current pick for my girl’s book club The Road.  Honestly, I heard it was really boring – yet it was named by Entertainment Weekly as one of the top 100 books of the last 20 years.  I probably should read it…but I won’t even be around for book club in January b/c of the Sister’s Getaway trip (i.e. probably won’t read it). But I am almost done with the book Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell.  I have found it to be quite interesting and fascinating.  If you read Freakonomics and liked the concept of taking an idea or a statistic and finding alternative ways of explaining it through research – then you would like Outliers.  One idea talked about in the book is that it takes 10,000 hours of practice to achieve mastery of something.  And this idea holds true for sports, musicians, businesspeople, chess players, etc. etc.  If that little tidbit has intrigued you…then read the book!

Update #5:  This isn’t really an update, more just news to share.  My friend Martha (who I’ve been friends with since my first day of setting foot on the WSU campus) is getting married!  And she not only asked me to be a bridesmaid, but her maid of honor!  I was really surprised and very touched by her request.  I, of course, said yes!  I did tell her I was a little worried about being able to fulfill all the MOH duties because of Micah and I potentially living abroad when she gets married.  But no worries, one of the other bridesmaids will help out, and has such, been promoted to Matron of Honor (sunce she’s married already)!

Still sick…

So I have been sick for 9 days straight.  Just the normal cold/flu variety. But as I lay in bed, I figure I should finally give a Mexico trip update.

Overall: Micah and I had an AMAZING time. The weather was sunny and hot (upper 80s everyday).  The food was delicious (aside from this Asian restaurant), the people were so friendly, and we made a lot of friends with all the other wedding guests.  It was the quintessential R&R sort of trip.  And oddly enough, no traveling mishaps – which is quite a feat for Micah and myself.

A bit more specific:  We flew down on Tuesday the 2nd (this is after 5 days with Micah’s family).  A direct flight is the way to go.  After negotiating the chaos of shuttles, taxis, vans, etc. at the airport, we managed to get a SUV to take 5 of us to the resort.  We were greeted with drinks upon check-in (awesome!).  Unfortunately, all the food areas were closed, with the exception of the Sports Bar.  It had leftover hotdogs, hamburgers, and fruit.  All of it pretty horrible.  But we met up with the others, started the free drinking (all-inclusive is the way to go!) and danced it up at the “disco” at the resort.  A ton of fun.

Rinse and repeat:  Most of the days there followed this format:

  • Wake up around 9am or 10am and go to breakfast buffet (yum)
  • Immediately go to pool or beach and lounge for a bit, play water volleyball, lounge, swim, lounge, play cards
  • Go to lunch buffet (really yum) – I always ended lunch with a soft serve ice cream cone – so tasty
  • More lounging at beach, with more cards
  • Workout (yes, glad to say I worked out 4 of the 6 days I was there – either in the actual gym or running on the beach)
  • More lounge
  • Naptime in room, shower and get dressed for night festivities
  • Dinner (either at buffet or at one of the nicer restaurants)
  • Drinking and dancing (one night we did go into town and hit the actual clubs)
  • Crash

The actual wedding was on Friday.  It was so beautiful and so much fun.  From the ceremony, to the dinner, to the reception following – it was perfect! 

The trip home (again, a direct flight) was crucial.  However, like I said earlier, I got sick – and could not rest that week because of work.  Micah and I will definitely go again sometime – but it’s important to go with alot of people – that is what made it the most fun. 

Here is a ton of different collage pics – so you can get the jist of our wonderful vacation and wedding of our friends, Michelle and Eugene.




Year In Review: Escape from Chi-town

Micah and I attended a wedding of one of his Hawaii friends, Ryan, who happens to live in Chicago (one of my favorite cities).  As amazing as Chicago is (and I am referring to the spring/summer time only, as I haven’t been during the bitter winter), the weather has quite a temper – and the O’Hare airport is at its mercy.  This year in review also happens to double as another edition of: Lisa and Micah’s Traveling Mishaps.

Chi-town wedding: July 31st – (supposed to have been Aug. 3rd, but ended up being Aug. 5th)

Here’s the gist: Delayed several hours just getting into Chicago and happened to land, right as the rehearsal dinner we were to attend was getting started.  But through some tricky maneuvering, we managed to make it to the rehearsal dinner in time.  The weather was sunny and beautiful and got to meet up with friends to check out Chinatown (ate dim sum), go to the beach (yes! they have miles of sandy beach) and then went to the wedding Friday night.  Hands down the fanciest wedding I’ve ever been too.  Very beautiful and really really fun.  Not to mention a fabulous wedding cake.  Ended that night with a memorable trip to Weinerschnitzel for some Chicago hotdogs.  Our friends left the next day, but Micah and I were staying one more time. We did some beach lounging, city touring and had our first Ethiopian meal – it was delish.  We had a great time and were ready to leave Chicago.

But…Chicago did not want us to leave.  We show up to the airport and find ourselves with an oversold flight and no seat for me. We volunteer to give up our seats (weird considering I never had one, but oh well) and in turn are guaranteed first class seats (woo hoo) on the flight to Seattle the next morning. Plus, hotel, meal vouchers and two ticket vouchers. Great deal right?  Given that our luggage was on its way to Seattle without us, Micah and I managed to have a great time lounging at the hotel and feeling quite proud of the awesome deal we just snagged. 

Begin Lisa and Micah’s Traveling Mishaps:  We wake up the next morning and it’s storming…not just a little rain, but full on thunder, lightening, the works.  Great.  To sum up the next two days: not one, but two cancelled flights b/c of mechanical problems.  Weather delays all the flights so bad, that we wait in the customer service line for 4 straight hours and stuck at the airport for 16 hours.  Have to stay another night in Chicago – in a hotel (that United paid for) but was a $50 cab ride away – in the same clothes we’ve been in for two days.  We wake up to a message saying our flight home is cancelled and barely make it on a different flight home.  Fortunately, the airline attendant took pity on us and fed us numerous drinks the entire plane ride home.  I’ve never worn the exact same clothes for three straight days – it was a new and interesting experience. 

Grade: Prior to being stuck at the airport: ‘A’…which quickly turns into a ‘D’ once we were stuck.  Not an ‘F’ since we did come out of the whole shebang with two ticket travel vouchers.

Where in the world…

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