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Yelp Elite mission…complete

A couple months ago I started to be a Yelper.  That is, I created a profile and started writing reviews for  Anyone can do it – it’s a resource for reviews on just about anything and anyplace (restaurants, doctors, salons, airports, car repair shops, etc. etc.) written by just us commoners who have actually been there (unlike per se, professional restaurant reviewers).  I love it!

My friend Tarah has been Yelping for a year, and she kept telling me how fun it was, and if you have the “right stuff” – you might be able to become a Yelp Elite – which gives you certain privileges (e.g. invites to parties where there’s free food and drink, free movie screenings, etc.) – totally my thing.  But not everyone gets to be Elite.  Sad smile

Well, there became my mission.  So I’ve been Yelping away – reviewing every restaurant I’ve eaten at in the past couple of months, as well as random other places (e.g. my wedding dress alterations lady)And…cue the trumpets…I have been asked to join the Seattle Yelp Elite crowd!  Yay! 

Since it just happened, I have yet to see what Elite awesomeness will come my way.  Stay tuned!  You can check out my Yelp profile here:

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