With our new house, comes a new yard. With a new yard, comes a new activity requiring our attention – yardwork. It’s something we haven’t had to do much of since our past residences didn’t come with yards. And while we are excited to have an outdoor space for entertaining – I’m not super keen on the work needed to beautify our yard aka yardify. But Micah is more into that, and I’m happy to help when called upon.

So part of our Sunday was spent digging up lots of weeds, collecting the random junk and bricks scattered throughout the yard, and trying to get inspired for what type of facelift we would like our yard to undergo.


Here’s part of our backyard. This was taken when it was being listed because it looks quite manicured to the state in which it is today.

Micah in yard

Micah kickin’ off some yard work. I helped too…but someone needed to document this.


Here were our other helpers.

I would hope to post some sort of “after” picture – but this is a work in progress (aka we ran out of time and didn’t get it all done).

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